December 19, 2016

A Christmas quiz

Happy that season! Enjoy our Christmas-themed (yes, it is Christmas-themed) trivia quiz…

1. Unlike virtually all other rock bands, the Grateful Dead featured two people playing what instrument? 

2. What notorious pro-wrestling villain of the 1980s wore a kilt and a T-shirt bearing the phrase “Hot Rod”?  

November 23, 2016

A Thanksgiving trivia quiz

During this blessed week, we here at The Big Quiz Thing give thanks for many things, both big and small, both quizzy and otherwise. But there's nothing we're more thankful for than trivia. Join us in our joy by taking our Thanksgiving-themed trivia quiz. (Want answers? Visit us on Twitter or Facebook.)

1. In 2013, for the first time ever—and most likely the last time ever—Thanksgiving coincided with what other holiday?

November 15, 2016

Hiring trivia for holiday parties

Trivia Crowd
Thanksgiving is nearly upon us: The end-of-year holiday season has begun! Prepare for peace and joy (we hope)–and, sadly, the headaches that holiday planning entails. But let's kill two birds with one stone: Let's talk about hiring a corporate trivia company to entertain at your holiday party, to increase your joy while reducing your stress. Read on…

October 29, 2016

An online Halloween trivia quiz

Costumes, candy, scary movies, plastic decorations, all that good stuff: 'Tis Halloween, the holiest day for lovers of pointless holidays. Balance out your extreme consumption of Milk Duds by feeding your brain with quality seasonal trivia questions. Spooked? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and we'll supply the answers…

1. What horror movie monster first appeared in 1932, returning in sequels titled after his hand, his tomb, his ghost, his curse, and that time he met Abbott and Costello?   

October 24, 2016

Take our online Election Trivia quiz

Only two weeks to go until the end of the world, trivia lovers! Election 2016 Hey, might as well tickle your brain while you're waiting. Need help? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook

1. Fill in the BLANKs: On April 27, despite the fact that his chances of winning the Republican nomination were almost totally gone, BLANK named BLANK as his running mate.  

2. Whose name is depicted here?


October 13, 2016

If only trivia nerds voted…

…what would the electoral map look like? Maybe a little something like this:

Something tells me Nate Silver can relate. (Want more trivia factoids on the regular? Follow the Big Quiz Thing on Twitter.)

September 29, 2016

Coffee facts for National Coffee Day

We're never sure who decides these things, but yes, today is "officially" National Coffee Day. So hey, have another cup (I'm midway through the second of the day myself). And while you're enjoying that fresh-brewed caffeinated goodness, peruse this latest factoid-packed blog post, containing some of our favorite beans of coffee trivia…

  • Capuchin monkCappuccino is named for its color—the same shade of brown as the habits of Capuchin monks.
  • Hawaii is the only one of the 50 states that grows coffee.
  • The Maxwell House brand is named for a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • According to legend, coffee was discovered by when an Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi noticed that his animals had more energy (and wouldn't sleep) after eating certain beans. (More about this legend and the history of joe is here, courtesy the National Coffee Association.)
  • A 1967 bestselling book, purporting to offer “the uninhibited memoirs” or two rather promiscuous flight attendants, was cleverly titled Coffee, Tea or Me? (You figure it out.)
  • The coffeeshop on Frasier was wittily named Café Nervosa. The one on Friends was, of course, Central Perk.
  • The MooLatté—a frozen coffee drink available at Dairy Queen—attracted much criticism when it was introduced in 2004, for a perceived similarity between the name and an archaic term for people of mixed race. But the DQ persevered, and the drink's name remains.
  • "We are happy to serve you" is the exact message on the iconic New York City Greek hot-beverage cup, officially named the Anthora design. (We relayed the history of the cup on the actually-really-existed Big Quiz Thing TV show.)
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