January 23, 2017

Oscars trivia: The Big Oscars Quiz Thing returns to NYC Feb 26!

So yeah, 2016 was pretty much no one's idea of a great year, but that won't keep our nostalgia-obsessed culture from looking back on it. Thus, we will soon witness The 89th Academy Awards! February 26, live from La-La Land (in more ways than one): Hollywood honors the best, brightest, whitest, and most effectively praise-fishing of the silver screen. And for the fifth year in a row, The Big Quiz Thing—America's premier live trivia game show—celebrates the day with one of our biggest annual quiztacular events: The Big Oscars Quiz Thing. In New York City

Our schedule is packed with corporate and private trivia events, but we're making time to return to the fantabulous Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village for a public Oscars trivia bonanza, plus a deluxe screening of the entire Academy Awards ceremony. Big trivia fun, big prizes, big Oscars glamour. Read on for more details and ticket links…

January 6, 2017

Sunday, Jan 22 in NYC: The Big FAMILY Quiz Thing

Big news for trivia lovers of all ages in New York City: The Big Family Quiz Thing returns to Manhattan on Sunday, January 22! We're again teaming up with Mommy Nearest to bring the ultimate live trivia experience, customized for ages 7 and up, to Symphony Space on the Upper West Side, led by Quizmaster EdP. Team quiz fun, big prizes, and more! Get tickets now, and read on…

December 19, 2016

A Christmas quiz

Happy that season! Enjoy our Christmas-themed (yes, it is Christmas-themed) trivia quiz…

1. Unlike virtually all other rock bands, the Grateful Dead featured two people playing what instrument? 

2. What notorious pro-wrestling villain of the 1980s wore a kilt and a T-shirt bearing the phrase “Hot Rod”?  

December 12, 2016

Questions for Terrible People

Some big news from the Big Quiz Thing universe: Mr. Wes Hazard, stand-up comedian extraordinaire and our own Boston area quizmaster, has just published his first book, and it's eminently appropriate for his funny-brainy avocation. Presenting Questions for Terrible People: 250 Questions You'll Be Ashamed to Answer. Pretty much what it says on the tin: Thought-provoking and ethics-challenging queries with Wes's trademark comedic spin. Read on for a preview…

November 28, 2016

Play the Big Quiz Thing: Live on Facebook!

Coming soon: A new experiment in the world of dynamic trivia excitement. It's your chance to play The Big Quiz Thing—the world's greatest team-trivia experience—from wherever you happen to be, worldwide. On Sunday, December 11, direct your digital device to the BQT's Facebook page, and via the magic of Facebook Live, you (and any assembled pals/teammates) can in all actuality play a complete multimedia quiz spectacular! Read on for details…

November 23, 2016

A Thanksgiving trivia quiz

During this blessed week, we here at The Big Quiz Thing give thanks for many things, both big and small, both quizzy and otherwise. But there's nothing we're more thankful for than trivia. Join us in our joy by taking our Thanksgiving-themed trivia quiz. (Want answers? Visit us on Twitter or Facebook.)

1. In 2013, for the first time ever—and most likely the last time ever—Thanksgiving coincided with what other holiday?

November 15, 2016

Hiring trivia for holiday parties

Trivia Crowd
Thanksgiving is nearly upon us: The end-of-year holiday season has begun! Prepare for peace and joy (we hope)–and, sadly, the headaches that holiday planning entails. But let's kill two birds with one stone: Let's talk about hiring a corporate trivia company to entertain at your holiday party, to increase your joy while reducing your stress. Read on…