October 13, 2016

If only trivia nerds voted…

…what would the electoral map look like? Maybe a little something like this:

Something tells me Nate Silver can relate. (Want more trivia factoids on the regular? Follow the Big Quiz Thing on Twitter.)

October 10, 2016

All-ages trivia: The Big FAMILY Quiz Thing in San Francisco and NYC in November!

Big news for trivia lovers of all ages, in San Francisco and New York: The Big Family Quiz Thing is hitting both cities in November. We're again teaming up with Mommy Nearest to bring the ultimate live trivia experience, customized for ages 7 and up, to both coasts on successive Sunday afternoons: November 6, at the Children's Creativity Museum in SF's SoMa (hosted by Quizmaster Noah Tarnow); and November 13 at Symphony Space on NYC's Upper West Side, led by Quizmaster EdP.

September 29, 2016

Coffee facts for National Coffee Day

We're never sure who decides these things, but yes, today is "officially" National Coffee Day. So hey, have another cup (I'm midway through the second of the day myself). And while you're enjoying that fresh-brewed caffeinated goodness, peruse this latest factoid-packed blog post, containing some of our favorite beans of coffee trivia…

  • Capuchin monkCappuccino is named for its color—the same shade of brown as the habits of Capuchin monks.
  • Hawaii is the only one of the 50 states that grows coffee.
  • The Maxwell House brand is named for a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • According to legend, coffee was discovered by when an Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi noticed that his animals had more energy (and wouldn't sleep) after eating certain beans. (More about this legend and the history of joe is here, courtesy the National Coffee Association.)
  • A 1967 bestselling book, purporting to offer “the uninhibited memoirs” or two rather promiscuous flight attendants, was cleverly titled Coffee, Tea or Me? (You figure it out.)
  • The coffeeshop on Frasier was wittily named Café Nervosa. The one on Friends was, of course, Central Perk.
  • The MooLatté—a frozen coffee drink available at Dairy Queen—attracted much criticism when it was introduced in 2004, for a perceived similarity between the name and an archaic term for people of mixed race. But the DQ persevered, and the drink's name remains.
  • "We are happy to serve you" is the exact message on the iconic New York City Greek hot-beverage cup, officially named the Anthora design. (We relayed the history of the cup on the actually-really-existed Big Quiz Thing TV show.)
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September 27, 2016

QUEENS: Our Election Trivia Spectacular is tonight!

Tonight, NYC trivia fans: The rare public New York City trivia event, as The Big Quiz Thing returns to Queens's finest venue for unique entertainment, Q.E.D. Astoria, with our Election Trivia Spectacular. A full evening of interactive, game-show-style multimedia quiz excitement: Big prizes, unique trivia puzzles, guest appearances ("Clinton" and "Trump" will be present; Obama will be "present"), and more surprises. Ridiculously cheap tickets for this big show are on sale now; don't hesitate and buy now. Speaking of "don't," don't fear the competition, because we've got some help: Read on for the Not-So-Secret Secret Clue

June 11, 2014

The Big Quiz Thing blog has moved

Looking for the latest about the world's greatest live trivia show? Our blog has moved: Read it all at info.bigquizthing.com/blog. Onward!

May 7, 2014

NYC quiz recap: Tuesday, May 6

And that is how it's done: Our return to the fine, fine SubCulture (first time since February) was a spectacular night of quiz fun, as the Big Quiz Thing continues to offer the absolute best deluxe trivia experience in all of the City of New York. Dozens of teams gathered for five rounds of multimedia quiz action, as longtime dominators the Fantastic Fournicators attempted to stage a twopeat and hang on to the coveted BQT trophy—negative 10,000 points if that crew, of all people, had been unable to identify this "Recently Resting in Peace" famous person

We also featured a new video puzzle concept, "Movies of the World Unite!," testing your ability to identify both movie clips, and the countries in which those films take place (the torture porn of Hostel was the toughest—it was Slovakia, not Slovenia, and no, the Slovakian tourist board was none too happy about that film). That round gave us the best Smart-Ass Point of the night (earning the quippers a big bag of Twizzlers): The movie set in France was not this, but rather Coneheads. (They come from France, after all.)

But perhaps the biggest joke of the night involved an odd coincidence. I asked the rather figureoutable question…

A team attempted a Smart-Ass Point with "One Direction." It was booed down, partly by a Fournicator revealing his particular knowledge set by shouting, "But One Direction has five guys in it!" 1D thus became the evening's running joke, until we got to Question No. 1 of the Lightning Round…

The odds are astronomical, my friends. What midnight memories we made!

Big, big prize night, as always when we're at SubCulture: $200 cash jackpot split among first, second, third, and tenth places, tix from The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 50 Shades! The Musical, Pogo Events, SubCulture itself, The New York City Fire Museum, and Drunk Shakespeare, and various other goodies. The team that got their hands on the David Cross bobblehead was particularly happy (send us a photo!).

As for the finale, I was hoping to see some new faces up there, since a few fresh teams were strong contenders halfway through, but the "Fuuuuuuck!!!" audio round thinned the herd, and we were left with three of our old favorites: champs the Fournicators, Incontinental Congress, and Cash Cab for Cutie. With a little luck and a little more knowledge of a sitcom he claims to hate, Fournicator Steve whipped out a twopeating victory by IDing the TV show set at the Shulman & Associates OB/GYN practice. Victory was theirs…

The standings:
1. The Fantastic Fournicators: But will they tripeat?
2. Cash Cab for Cutie
3. Incontinental Congress
4. Hulk Hogan's Heroes/Sugah Titz (tie)
6. Oh Noah Springtime Edition
7. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
8. Biden Force
9. The Effed Train
10. 50 Shades of Cray

MORE! We're on the regular at SubCulture, once a month through the summer; Tuesday, June 17; Monday, July 14; Monday, August 18. Tickets at SubCultureNewYork.com. Plus, stay tuned for a very special evening of trivia coming up in June in Brooklyn, a huge event for the fall also in BK, and more in the works. Keep up on Facebook and Twitter, and inquire about booking your own corporate or private event, why don't you

Boston quiz recap: Monday, May 5

Yet another quiztacular night of trivia fun at Oberon in Harvard Square on Monday, as the Big Quiz Thing made its long-awaited (three months) return to our Boston-area home. Thanks to the massive and enthusiastic crowd that came out for "Movies of the World Unite," "Recently Resting in Peace," "You Really Call That a Sport?," and my last-minute audio-round idea, "Fuuuuuuck!!!!"

First, another plug for my ace sidekick, comedian Wes Hazard, who killed with his opening set, in preparation for his forthcoming appearance at the (seriously) Women in Comedy Festival. Two team names pledged their allegiance to the man: Hazard Is Our Middle Name and the Wes Hazard Fan Club. Comedy! Speaking of which, big, big night for Smart-Ass Points (credit for wrong but funny answers). Some of the best…

Q: Of the eight teams left in the NHL playoffs, name one of the three named for an animal—besides the Bruins. A: The Canucks

Q: Which recently dead celebrity is this an obscured picture/audio clip of? A: Miley Cyrus's career

Q: What "fuck"-heavy song clip is this? A: Beethoven's 9th Symphony by Mozart

But the winner for best of the night…

Q: With his Oscar victory in March, 39-year-old songwriter Robert Lopez became the 12th person, and the youngest ever, to earn a what? A: Living as an artist

And extra props to last-place team D&M—not only did they earn candy, they scooped up a huge round of applause for not even writing down a single entry in the audio round…yet still correctly guessing the total number of "fucks" heard in the round. Stunning.

Tight competition, as a lot of teams scored impressively well, but the finale came down to three teams: returning champs La Brea Mosh Pit (f.k.a. Maxwell's Silver Hummer), sometime contenders 12 Years a Clipper (classy), and spankin'-new team International Endearing Pornographers. Alas, it didn't take LBMP long to twopeat. And thus, victory remains theirs.

The standings:
1. La Brea Mosh Pit: Should be fun making the returning-champs graphic for them
2. International Endearing Photographers
3. 12 Years a Clipper
4. The Monstrous Humanoids: Featuring Jason, who recently won—damn!—$100k on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?!
5. Gabriel Garcia Marquez Kicks Ass!!
6. Ice Cream Antisocial
7. Demonic Stolen Cakes
8. Does Boko Haram Accept Oberon Gift Cards?
9 Potent Portables
10. Jack Bauer's Bathroom Break

Thanks to Oberon, plus regular sponsors On Location Tours. The prizes don't stop!

NEXT: First Monday of every month through the summer: June 2, July 7, August 4. The party continues. In the meantime, we're booking private and corporate events for the summer (fronted by me and/or Mr. Hazard). Read more and register for a personal consultation today, appreciators of quality entertainment.