April 4, 2018


The Big Quiz Thing, the nation's premier provider of custom trivia game shows, is seeking a Director of Operations, either full-time or part-time, to join its team of trivia professionals: We’re looking for an experienced manager to handle all day-to-day operations, a strategic-thinking but creative-minded professional to oversee the business aspects of the company, encompassing events in multiple cities (including NYC, San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago).

The job includes, but isn’t limited to, marketing strategy, partnerships, financial management, logistics, and client relations (see details below). We want someone to take initiative and ownership, to eagerly seek out creative solutions to various business challenges.

A strong business mind is vital; experience with live-event management and corporate events is necessary; interest in and knowledge about trivia, games, and puzzle entertainment is a plus.

Easy access to San Francisco or New York City is preferred, though candidates in other locations will be considered. Please send a cover letter, resume, and pay requirements to info[at]bigquizthing.com.

The Big Quiz Thing is an equal opportunity employer. Learn more at BigQuizThing.com.

Responsibilities include…

General Management

  • Business strategy and development
  • Maintain schedules and other databases
  • Maintain contact lists
  • Manage accounts payable/receivable and contracts
  • Working out best payment practices
  • Track and maintain financial records
  • Maintain supplies
  • Recruit staff and conduct interviews as needed
  • Provide social media support 
Event Management
  • Schedule and orient talent
  • Help facilitate talent travel
  • Strategize and implement marketing initiatives 
  • Review and manage current sales initiatives
  • Analyze ROI
  • Strategize corporate event marketing
  • Initiate and implement sales campaigns
  • Coordinate with sales staff

February 5, 2018

We're hiring: CHICAGO Quizmaster

The Big Quiz Thing, the country’s premier providers of private and corporate trivia events (as seen its own TV game show), is in search of a new Chicago-area quizmaster to join the team. We’re looking for an organized, responsible, and dynamic individual to become one of the primary faces of our trivia business, hosting and running selected private events in Chicago and the surrounding area. The ideal candidate will have several years’ experience hosting and/or producing corporate events, in addition to strong stage presence and a detail-oriented approach to show business. (Quizmasters deal directly with clients and venues, in addition to hosting.) Expect a very intermittent time commitment, usually in the evenings. Must be smart, outgoing, able to work well under pressure, personable, and dependable. Payment is a percentage of event booking fees. E-mail info[at]bigquizthing.com with your résumé, cover letter, any questions you have, and video clips of your performance, if possible. Learn more about the Big Quiz Thing at bigquizthing.com.

June 30, 2017

More PRIZES for our JULY 10 15th Anniversary Trivia Spectacular in NYC

July is nearly here, and our 15th Anniversary Trivia Spectacular is only slightly less nearly here: July 10 (at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC and yes, open to the public—get tickets now!). Our last post told you about the panoply of fantastic prize sponsors. But—as it was once wisely declared—wait, there's more. Four more partners in supplying the biggest prize haul in NYC trivia, including…

We'll give you two guesses of what Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic is a parody of (and no, it's not facial tissues). As the young über-wizard whose name sounds like "Harvey Porter" comes of age, Puffs turns its theatrical focus on the less impressive members of his class, "giving you a front row seat to the sidelines of the world’s most famous magical journey," with uproarious results. The Off Broadway hit is playing now at the Elektra Theater; get tickets and details here, or win them from the BQT.

You  might live here 50 billion years, but you will never know the full, complete story of New York City. Perhaps the only exception: Mr. Jeremy Wilcox, the man behind Custom NYC Tours(and a longtime Big Quiz Thing fan, not completely coincidentally). A lifelong New Yorker, city polymath, and professional tour guide, Jeremy leads unique, trivia-packed heel-toe jaunts through NYC's least clichéd yet most fascinating corners. He's kicked a couple tours into the July 10 prize haul, but learn more—and book your own—at CustomNYCTours.com.

Look who else is celebrating 15 years—The Peoples Improv Theater, one of NYC premier spots for on-the-fly comedy, plus a wide variety of classes on all things funny, for virtually all ages. They present multiple shows nearly every night of the week (and if you choose wisely, you might catch a performance by BQT Quizmaster Rory Scholl). Pick a show, register for a class, feed the funny part of your brain at ThePIT-NYC.com and/or let us give you passes for being smart.

And, after years, the wait is over (and has been for some months): The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, most likely America's greatest movie-theater chain, is in New York City, specifically Downtown Brooklyn. Unique screenings, special events (including the BQT-affiliated Kevin Geeks Out variety show), private parties, seriously good food, all in the heart of the BK. We've got some vouchers to give away; learn it all at Drafthouse.com/NYC.

All this, plus the old BQT triumvirate of Quizmaster Noah Tarnow, sidekick EdP, and DJ GB. And you're waiting to buy tickets why? Don't!  Monday, July 10, 7pm. Make it happen!

June 22, 2017

JULY 10: Prizes for our 15th Anniversary Public Trivia Spectacular

Plans are coming together for our grand anniversary event—the rare opportunity for the public to see The Big Quiz Thing, starring Quizmaster Noah Tarnow (you got your tickets, right?), live in Greenwich Village, NYC. And, as is typical with the BQT, we're including a hell of a prize haul. Check out the (partial) roster at right (with additions coming by the day), but perhaps we can dig down a bit further…

The repository of all things related to your favorite borough, Brooklyn Museum is an absolute NYC treasure. Exhibits on political and cultural history, unmissable events (summer in NYC = Target First Saturdays), and perhaps too much more: Learn all at BrooklynMuseum.org.

A longtime BQT prize partner, On Location Tours leads NYC's premier movie- and TV-themed jaunts through the entertainment capital of the world: See familiar sights from Sex and the City, Gossip Girls, The Sopranos, and more. Win a trip on us! (Or go ahead and schedule your own sojourn at OnLocationTours.com.)

Another of our old BFFs: For years, Pogo Events has created the finest in interactive scavenger hunts, but recently they've expanded into Murder Mysteries, Board Game Battles, and something called Jukebox Bingo (which, full disclosure, yours truly had a small hand in developing). It's all at PogoEvents.com.

The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA), in a newly expanded, highly interactive space at 215 Centre Street, preserves the diverse history and heritage of immigrants and communities from the nation of the future, China. And yep, we've got passes for you. Learn more at MOCANYC.org.

Featuring the best of local stand-up talent (not to mention national talent ASOTV, and even a regular magic showcase), Broadway Comedy Club is an indispensable locus of the city's humor scene, right in midtown. Learn more, see the schedule, sign up for an open mike, etc., at BroadwayComedyClub.com.

A public museum within a public park (Flushing Meadows), and fiercely dedicated to freedom of expression and positive social change: We all need the Queens Museum now more than ever. And yes—this is the home of the legendary Panorama of New York City! Details and more at QueensMuseum.org.

And our stupendous venue, Le Poisson Rouge, will offer one lucky winner a year's membership, entitling them to 12 months of the city's most innovative events and performances. LPR.com is where the info is.

Join us for the ultimate celebration of New York trivia fun, less than a month away. Enjoy!

June 10, 2017

NYC: The Big Quiz Thing's 15th Anniversary JULY 10


Since 2002, The Big Quiz Thing—as seen on the official TV game show of New York City—has grown into the nation’s greatest source of professional trivia entertainment. And this summer, to celebrate a decade and a half of quiz excellence, the BQT’s founder—Quizmaster Noah Tarnow—returns from California to host a spectacular open-to-the-public anniversary event, happening at Le Poisson Rouge, and featuring NYC’s greatest haul of trivia prizes. 
For years, The Big Quiz Thing—way more than a bar trivia night—packed primo venues throughout New York with its unique brand of multimedia quiz excitement, moving on to become premier purveyors of the very finest in private and corporate trivia entertainment from coast to coast. Video and audio puzzles, the Buzzertastic Finale, Smart-Ass Points for funny wrong answers, professional hosting, supreme prizes, a unique digital answer system—and the most entertaining “figureoutable” quiz questions anywhere—The Big Quiz Thing has earned a national reputation as a next-level trivia experience. 
And to commemorate this milestone, this rare public show will be hosted by the BQT’s founder and senior quizmaster, Noah Tarnow, joined by longtime stage sidekick EdP and, returning after a too-long hiatus, DJ GB, in the palatial confines of Greenwich Village’s Le Poisson Rouge (location of the annual Big Oscars Quiz Thing). All are welcome to join in the multimedia trivia fun, featuring big prize giveaways courtesy of the BQT’s panoply of A-list prize partners, including On Location Tours, Queens Museum, Broadway Comedy Club, Museum of Chinese in America, Brooklyn Museum, and more TBA. It’s an unmissable night of deluxe excitement for any NYC trivia fan.

The Big Quiz Thing’s 15th-Anniversary Trivia Spectacular happens Monday, July 10, at Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St), at 7pm. Admission is $10 in advance, $15 at the door; tickets are at LPR.com. For more, visit BigQuizThing.com, e-mail info@bigquizthing.com, or check out @BigQuizThing on Twitter.

Quiz us this…

Q: Lots of people live in China, lots of people live in India. But what’s the most populous country that isn’t in Asia?

Q: Nationwide, what sells about $3 million in tickets every week, and tells the story of someone whose picture just might be in your wallet right now?

Q: What one-syllable name is shared by two current major pro sports teams, in different sports and different cities, but both in the same state?

Q: One hundred five years ago, the New York Evening Sun ran the false headline 
“All Saved from BLANK After Collision.”

Q: What company’s logo are we describing: Blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red?

CONTACT: Michelle Jasmine, 
Second Bolt 

January 23, 2017

Oscars trivia: The Big Oscars Quiz Thing returns to NYC Feb 26!

So yeah, 2016 was pretty much no one's idea of a great year, but that won't keep our nostalgia-obsessed culture from looking back on it. Thus, we will soon witness The 89th Academy Awards! February 26, live from La-La Land (in more ways than one): Hollywood honors the best, brightest, whitest, and most effectively praise-fishing of the silver screen. And for the fifth year in a row, The Big Quiz Thing—America's premier live trivia game show—celebrates the day with one of our biggest annual quiztacular events: The Big Oscars Quiz Thing. In New York City

Our schedule is packed with corporate and private trivia events, but we're making time to return to the fantabulous Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village for a public Oscars trivia bonanza, plus a deluxe screening of the entire Academy Awards ceremony. Big trivia fun, big prizes, big Oscars glamour. Read on for more details and ticket links…

January 6, 2017

Sunday, Jan 22 in NYC: The Big FAMILY Quiz Thing

Big news for trivia lovers of all ages in New York City: The Big Family Quiz Thing returns to Manhattan on Sunday, January 22! We're again teaming up with Mommy Nearest to bring the ultimate live trivia experience, customized for ages 7 and up, to Symphony Space on the Upper West Side, led by Quizmaster EdP. Team quiz fun, big prizes, and more! Get tickets now, and read on…