December 19, 2016

A Christmas quiz

Happy that season! Enjoy our Christmas-themed (yes, it is Christmas-themed) trivia quiz…

1. Unlike virtually all other rock bands, the Grateful Dead featured two people playing what instrument? 

2. What notorious pro-wrestling villain of the 1980s wore a kilt and a T-shirt bearing the phrase “Hot Rod”?  

3. In 1996, Irish-American performer Michael Flatley created and starred in what musical production, whose title also became a nickname for Flatley himself?

4. Monster: What musician's 2009 album included that word in its title, the only thing differentiating it from the title of the same musician's 2008 album?

5. In Rhode Island, what popular nonalcoholic drink is sometimes called a cabinet?

6. The taxonomic family Anatidae includes ducks and what two other types of birds?

7. Which current NBA team has neither a city nor a state in its name?

8. Appropriately, what was the last name of the first explorer to reach the South Pole by air?    
9. The fast-food chain Popeyes took its name from a character in what 1972 Oscar winner for Best Picture?   

10. Which movie characters originated in a self-published 1984 black-and-white comic book by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird?

11. What 1970s TV musical comedy starred a stepmother and stepson, playing actual mother and son?

12. What is the unifying theme of the answers to this quiz?

Stumped? Reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook and we shall reveal all. Enough holiday trivia—get back to your family.


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