November 15, 2016

Hiring trivia for holiday parties

Trivia Crowd
Thanksgiving is nearly upon us: The end-of-year holiday season has begun! Prepare for peace and joy (we hope)–and, sadly, the headaches that holiday planning entails. But let's kill two birds with one stone: Let's talk about hiring a corporate trivia company to entertain at your holiday party, to increase your joy while reducing your stress. Read on…

December is a busy month for any corporate event professional, since only the grinchiest of companies fail to treat their staffs to some type of festivities. There are copious options, of course—bowling, karaoke, standing around drinking with your coworkers—but a quality holiday trivia event is always an ideal choice: A professional quiz show has the benefit of being…
  • Fun (who doesn't like games?)
  • Collaborative (working on that always-valuable team-building mojo)
  • Cost-effective (a typical event is run by a very small team)
  • And—best of all—it's customized. Want questions and games about your specific office or industry? A credible company can accommodate (we here at the Big Quiz Thing have customized events for everyone from a university ichthyology department to a massive financial-services organization). Even if you just want a grab bag of pop-culture fun, it will generally be geared toward your co.'s demographics and culture. (In other words, if you have a millennial-heavy staff, there won't be many queries about flappers and the Charleston.)
Trivia Question
Each event is unique, and there's no better time to feel special than the holidays. A quiz show is also especially suited to the end of the year, since it's a great way to have an entertaining look back on the year that was. Take stock of your company's 2016 with lighthearted examination of the events, people, and developments that made the year so great, or at least memorable. It's fun and educational, see?

That covers the joy. As for reducing the headaches, good event-planning service means keeping trivia parties easy for clients. image(2)Even with a multimedia spectacular like the Big Quiz Thing, a quiz event can be staged in almost any setting, for almost any crowd of any ages/descriptions, and with minimal guidance. Moreover, if you hire a pro, you can trust that the content will be both high quality and engaging, and that every technical detail will be properly attended to. But where do you find such a professional operation? Glad you asked. See you at the buffet table, party-planning superstars…


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