October 29, 2016

An online Halloween trivia quiz

Costumes, candy, scary movies, plastic decorations, all that good stuff: 'Tis Halloween, the holiest day for lovers of pointless holidays. Balance out your extreme consumption of Milk Duds by feeding your brain with quality seasonal trivia questions. Spooked? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and we'll supply the answers…

1. What horror movie monster first appeared in 1932, returning in sequels titled after his hand, his tomb, his ghost, his curse, and that time he met Abbott and Costello?   

2. What classic scary story tells the legend of a Hessian trooper who was fatally shot by a cannonball during the Revolutionary War, and whose ghost haunts a specific part of Westchester County,  NY?     

3. Fill in the blanks describing the punnily funnily Halloween costumes:

4. Complete this 50 Cent song lyric, in which he helpfully tells you how to spell a stereotypical Halloween costume: "I don't know what you heard about me, But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me, No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see, That I'm a motherfucking…"   

5. His sweater looks like it’s red and black striped, but it’s actually red and dark green striped. Whose sweater?   

6. Candy Bar-rithmetic: Do the math, considering the ingredients in the candy bar (the answer is one ingredient)…

7. Every August, the town of Britt, Iowa, hosts the largest national convention of what type of itinerant people, who happen to be a stereotypical Halloween costume?  

8. Coulrophobia is the very common fear of whom, thought to result from children receiving mixed messages about avoiding strange people?   

9. Sally in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Laurie in the original Halloween, Sidney in Scream: All are examples of a slasher-movie trope commonly known as  “The BLANK Girl.”  

10. Fill in the blanks describing the punnily funnily Halloween costumes:

11. One of the top companies making adult Halloween costumes is named BLANK Avenue, where BLANK is what three-letter noun indicative of much of their costumes’ appeal?

12. Dunkin Donuts is currently offering a seasonal treat cleverly labeled a Boston BLANK Donut.

13. Henry is the actual first name of what iconic movie character, a fairly popular Halloween costume?  

14. Candy Bar-rithmetic: The answer is a single ingredient…

15. Write the name Halloween in its more formal rendering, with an apostrophe between two of the letters. 


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