September 29, 2016

Coffee facts for National Coffee Day

We're never sure who decides these things, but yes, today is "officially" National Coffee Day. So hey, have another cup (I'm midway through the second of the day myself). And while you're enjoying that fresh-brewed caffeinated goodness, peruse this latest factoid-packed blog post, containing some of our favorite beans of coffee trivia…

  • Capuchin monkCappuccino is named for its color—the same shade of brown as the habits of Capuchin monks.
  • Hawaii is the only one of the 50 states that grows coffee.
  • The Maxwell House brand is named for a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • According to legend, coffee was discovered by when an Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi noticed that his animals had more energy (and wouldn't sleep) after eating certain beans. (More about this legend and the history of joe is here, courtesy the National Coffee Association.)
  • A 1967 bestselling book, purporting to offer “the uninhibited memoirs” or two rather promiscuous flight attendants, was cleverly titled Coffee, Tea or Me? (You figure it out.)
  • The coffeeshop on Frasier was wittily named Café Nervosa. The one on Friends was, of course, Central Perk.
  • The MooLatté—a frozen coffee drink available at Dairy Queen—attracted much criticism when it was introduced in 2004, for a perceived similarity between the name and an archaic term for people of mixed race. But the DQ persevered, and the drink's name remains.
  • "We are happy to serve you" is the exact message on the iconic New York City Greek hot-beverage cup, officially named the Anthora design. (We relayed the history of the cup on the actually-really-existed Big Quiz Thing TV show.)
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