October 24, 2016

Take our online Election Trivia quiz

Only two weeks to go until the end of the world, trivia lovers! Election 2016 Hey, might as well tickle your brain while you're waiting. Need help? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook

1. Fill in the BLANKs: On April 27, despite the fact that his chances of winning the Republican nomination were almost totally gone, BLANK named BLANK as his running mate.  

2. Whose name is depicted here?


3. Thanks to a memorable speech, in the days following the Democratic National Convention, Amazon.com saw a huge increase in sales of a pocket edition of what?

4. In August, Green Party nominee Jill Stein was late to a rally in a city whose name begins with the letter C, because she accidentally flew to a different city whose name begins with the letter C. What state are both cities in?  

5. "Enjoy" this clip one of Donald Trump's least-greatest hits from the campaign, with a word or phrase beeped out. Fill in the beep.        

6. Which current candidate for President received 0.99% of the popular vote in the 2012 presidential election?     

7. Who is this handsome young man?     

8. In February, Jeb! Bush was reduced to pleading with the audience at a campaign event to do what?  

9. Dead last in the Republican primary, with 12 votes in the Iowa caucus and 133 in the New Hampshire primary: Jim Gilmore, former governor of which state?    

10. A 2016 limerick-steen. Fill in the end of the poem…

11. What is the better-known identity of 16-year-old satirical presidential candidate Brady C. Olson? 

12. Whose name is depicted here?

Which is not among the policy positions of presidential candidate Vermin Supreme (who came in fourth in the New Hampshire Democratic primary): (a) the end of diplomatic relations with Luxembourg; (b) all citizens must brush their teeth daily; (c) increased zombie-apocalypse preparedness; (d) a free pony for every American?  

14. When Hillary wins, “Clinton” will be the fifth last name shared by two different Presidents. What’s the only last name shared by Presidents who weren’t related?

15. Who is this lovely young woman?

16. When she wins, Hillary Clinton will be only the second President born in Illinois. Who was the first? (It wasn’t Abraham Lincoln.)   

17. Another 2016 limerick-steen. Fill in the end of the poem…

18. That other guy in Democratic primary, Martin O’Malley, was a major inspiration for a character on what HBO series?  

19. "Enjoy" this clip one of Donald Trump's least-greatest hits from the campaign, with a word or phrase beeped out. Fill in the beep.      

20. A joke: When Bill Clinton was President, his motorcade stopped at a gas station outside Chicago. Suddenly, the First Lady jumped out of the car and enthusiastically hugged and chatted with the man pumping gas. When she climbed back into the limo, she said to Bill, “You’ll never believe it—that was my high school boyfriend! I hadn’t seen him in 30 years, even though we almost got married.” “That’s amazing,” Bill said. “Imagine how different things would be if you had married him.” “Yeah,” Hillary said…


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