May 14, 2009

But does it rain in New York City?

Last Monday, I asked this:

Q: Which hit song featured the following clever lyrical rhyme?
c. “California” and “warn ya,” 1982

This was a valid question. The answer is "Kids in America" by Kim Wilde: "New York to east California/There's a new wave comin', I warn ya."

An audience member told me she thought the answer was "It Never Rains in Southern California," a 1972 hit song by Albert Hammond (interestingly, father of Albert Hammond Jr., guitarist for the Strokes). Indeed, that rhyme is featured in that song, which I had forgotten (having not heard the tune since the early 1990s, when I was an acolyte to an unusually good oldies/classic soft-rock radio station in Montreal). A nice video for you:

But again, the question is valid: I said 1982, not 1972. This was part of the 95% of the time I get it right.


Anonymous said...

As noted before, you covered your ass by naming a specific year. But in light of all the recent mistakes (and the earlier song's much more memorable use of the rhyme), surely you see how easily people might figure you'd just screwed up the year. Jasmine, incidentally, is #43 not 32 on the baby name list, which isn't why nobody got it, but is yet another factual error. Sorry to be the annoying quality control person, but at $7 a head we should expect accuracy, right?

Noah said...

Dear "Anonymous"-

No, for the bargain price of $7—cheaper than nearly all comparable entertainment in New York City—you can expect an excellent, completely original show that, like everything else in the world, isn't 100% perfect every time.

- Your Quizmaster

Anonymous said...

Dear "Quizmaster"-

Why contemptuously put the word anonymous in quotes? I don't have a blogger account, and anonymity ensures that my points stand on their own merits, regardless of any personal or team agenda.

You spent two consecutive blog posts heaping praise on yourself, but you can't take perfectly valid (and respectfully delivered) constructive criticism? We both know most people will read your posts but not the comments section.

What would've been so terrible about acknowledging your oversight and saying you'll (continue to) do your best to avoid errors? You're the only one trying to turn the voicing of a legit complaint into something personal.

And I was under the impression that $7 was actually more expensive than all comparable entertainment, which is to say, trivia at bars. Now I know that your focus is on the show, not the trivia. That seems like a point worth emphasizing to your customers.

- An anonymous, well-intentioned person you apparently now hate

The Big Quiz Thing said...


I admit my mistakes all the time. Nearly every recap mentions the question from that show, if any, that I got wrong. You mentioned the female-senator question, and I pretty. Though as I posted, I don't consider the "California"/"warn ya" question an error.

I can certainly take criticism, which anyone who knows me would tell you. But I don't know you—you are literally anonymous—so your tone did not sit well with me.

As for "heaping praise on myself" and "patting myself on the back": This is my blog, pertaining to my show. These are the venues for heaping praise on oneself. If you find my commentary obnoxious, I apologize, but that's how it is.

Finally, I can't possibly hate you, since again, I don't know who you are. Let's keep it that way and call a truce.

Katie Vagnino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie Vagnino said...

Hey Anonymous,

I have a great suggestion. If the Big Quiz Thing is so error-riddled and overpriced, why don't you stop coming? No one is forcing you to attend. If you'd rather check out the free trivia night at another bar where a schmuck reads questions off of Trivial Pursuit cards, by all means, GO FOR IT.

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