February 10, 2011


Excitement, people: As you may know, in the past year, the BQT has made a handful of visits to the Cradle of Liberty, the City That Loves You Back—Philadelphia. (By the way, "the City of Brotherly Love" is more than a horribly clichéd nickname; "brotherly love" is the actual Greek translation of Philadelphia. Sure beats "the Big Apple," which is both horribly clichéd and meaningless.) I've grown to rather like that place: American history, East Coast character, my mom grew up there, all the things I love. Plus, it's a serious trivia town.

I've cyber-met a gentleman known as Johnny Goodtimes.
I don't know if that's his real name—he signs his e-mails JGT, so it must have some legal standing—but he apparently hosts multiple bar quizzes per week, to a large and loyal following, and has cultivated a true trivia scene, something that New York sorely lacks. (Maybe because the BQT is the only NYC trivia event that matters. Er, mostly.) He's an interesting character, and gracious; his team was handily dominating the last Philly BQT, till they were undone by the Three-Way Finale, which often leads to crybaby yelling and complaining about my precious, precious format. But he had only praise for the event, which I considered a high compliment.

And JGT has an extra-big event next week: Quizzo Bowl 7. His annual bigger-than-big trivia championship, not unlike our Clash of the Trivia Champions, taking place on Saturday, February 19, at the BQT's excellent Philly home, World Café Live (a real honey of a venue). Very much like the Clash of the Champions: $25 to play, more $1,500 in cash prizes, a real super-mega nerdy blowout of a show.

But there's a difference: This motherfucker sells out every year, drawing contestants as far afield as Denver. (Our Clash did not sell out; like I say, no trivia scene in this city that I otherwise love.) And Johnny seriously hopes to extend the quizzing rivalry eastward, so he's asked me to ask you to come out to Philly and show if you got the stuff.
So do you? It sounds like an event for the ages, and though I can't go, I'd love if one or some of you would represent the Big Quiz Thing, report back, and give me some of the money (of course). Let's prove that there are no geeks like NYC geeks: Our Fournicators are Fantastic, our Titz are Sugary, our Gerard is Depardouchy, our Kids are Fat, our Starship is of the Jefferson Davis variety.

And besides, Philly is an easy trip: two hours on the bus (I never stop recommending the Bolt Bus), hotels are cheap, the road is calling, you know you want to. It's a Saturday, and you'll be back in plenty of time for the Hail to the Trivial Presidential Quiz Spectacular (sponsored by the New-York Historical Society; is there a Phila-Delphia Historical Society? or is that just the whole damn city?).
Details on Johnny's website here. Don't let Mayor Bloomberg down.


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