April 28, 2010

Recap: Philadelphia rocks, Philadelphia rolls

Philadelphia: Land of Mama Quizmaster's birth, but I hadn't set foot in the city in nearly 15 years. But last night, with EDP and door girl Sherry acting as B-Cutie, we cruised down to the City of Excessive Benjamin Franklin worship (thanks, Zipcar!) for a single evening to bring the city the magic that is the All-Music Edition of the Big Quiz Thing.
The venue, World Cafe Live, is gorgeous and equipped with very good food, and we had a great turnout for a new city. And what a crowd—stupidly intelligent, these music geeks. Several teams were rocking (literally) a nearly perfect score till round three—they picked up quickly on the Pop Music Thesaurus, and the '80s Music Video Mash-Up proved great fun but little challenge (though "Ca Plane Pour Moi" tripped up most). (NOTE: Yes, the song was originally released in 1977, but I inextricably associate with the '80s and is on several '80s compilations, and has previously provided the disclaimer that there was a strictly non-'80s selection among the weeds. Forgot this time, apologies.) Next time, it'll all be about 1940s Mongolian throat-singing, mark my words.

Thus, the Three-Way Finale pitted the best of the best against the best of the best against the best of the best. A big mano cornuta to winners Hot Breakfast—they took it on "What rock band, which peaked in popularity in the ‘90s, had two fewer members than its name suggested?" Though second-runner-up team Show Us Your Tits (and We Don't Mean the Bald Guys) argued postgame that the correct answer isn't really a rock band (no guitar). Yeah, that was the problem.

The winning team bolted before I could get a nice photo, but here's an artist's depiction:
Will we be back? Perhaps. If you had fun, tell World Cafe Live, tell your friends, and stay tuned for information here. Rock!


Casey said...

Well, seeing as "Ca Plane Pour Moi" is a '70s song, i can see how it might trip up some folks in a category about '80s music...

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