October 29, 2010

They really knew how to write an insult in them olden days

As we come into the final stretch of political season, we come into the final stretch of political satire season. Perhaps you've seen this…

The key, of course, is that pretty much every word here is historical fact: These were actual verifiable insults slung between Adams and Jefferson (and Hamilton) in the insanely bitter 1800 presidential election. Like today, it seemed like a lot was at stake; when Jefferson did win, it was the first time the presidency changed party hands, and no one knew if this still-audacious governmental experiment could withstand it. So people were a little overheated; the rancor in those days, today's discourse seems like an episode of The Waltons. What we should really be upset about is how uncreative our current politicians are.

Take heart: Adams and Jefferson later became great friends. Besides, Jerry Brown is going to win!


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