October 28, 2010

Monday: Trivia and juggling, together again

Give it up for Brooklyn: Monday night, 8pm, I'm once again taking part in Bindlestiff Open Variety, the monthly show of grab-bag performance delights presented by everyone's favorite traveling circus folk, the Bindlestiff Family Circus. Last time, I shared the stage with a unicyclist, a knife juggler, and a comedian, and the best part was, they were all the same guy.

I'm planning to whip out some Breakfast Cereal Haiku for a few lucky volunteers; these one-man quickie performances are always a barrel of fun, and a great spicy side dish to any variety show (read: hire me). The venue is Galapagos Art Space, in Dumbo, which is exceedingly beautiful, and just may be—may be—a future BQT venue. Stay tuned.