September 24, 2010

Sponsor spotlight: Burlesque!

Legions of people worship me, of course, and those folks may be aware that I occasionally find myself in the company of burlesque types. That wonderfully resurgent art form all about suggestive dancing, boobs, showmanship, boobs, fantastic costumes and boobs. What I like most about burlesque is that the women involved in are of various and many shapes and sizes, but almost without exception, they go out there and shake it with confidence and flair, giving 80 million percent. It's a philosophy that I share—who cares if I'm a dork, I'm going all out for a fucking trivia show—and, naturally, admire.

Through my burly-q connections, I've found myself hosting and/or appearing in a number of said events (this, this, and this), and I called in favors for this Monday's NYC Clash of the Trivia Champions: We got show tickets.

The eighth annual New York Burlesque Festival begins this Thursday, September 30, running through October 3 at a whole mess of venues. Nobody puts on a show like this people. It culminates on the 3rd at the soon-to-be-familiar Highline Ballroom for the spectacular Golden Pastie Awards. (Vote now! And no, I'm not nominated for anything, and while I've worn many odd things in my life, I've never put on a pastie.) We've got two passes to the opening-night party, Thursday the 30th at Brooklyn Bowl (which, by the way, is an awesome venue, even though a proposed plan to bring the BQT there fell through).

Plus, later in the burlesque season (I think I just invented that concept), get ready for Hussies from Hell, a spooktastic show on Sunday, October 31, also at Highline Ballroom. Details for this are sketchy at the moment, but I put that amazing poster at the top of the post, and I do think I will be blowing it up, framing it, and hanging it over my bed. (The ladies love me.) We got two passes for this as well.

All this and more, Monday night. Reg. Is. Ter.


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