July 23, 2010

TONIGHT: T-Shirt Contest & Fashion Show is ON!

A reminder/update about tonight's Coney Island Cyclone T-Shirt Design Contest and Fashion Show. It is indeed on, despite the rain, although the location is being shifted slightly: It'll now be at the near-legendary Ruby's Old Tyme Bar & Grill, 1213 Boardwalk on the Coney, a short jaunt from the Stillwell Avenue subway stop. It has tons of great, greasy food, and is conveniently located just steps from the Shoot the Freak concession. Most of the details here still apply: It's still 6 to 8pm, I'm still hosting and doing a little local trivia, we'll determine what the new official T-shirt design for the Cyclone will be, and burlesque dancers will be baring all (or most).

The one time I rode the Cyclone in the rain, it felt like I was taking a shower in a beehive. But fuck it, I'm doing it tonight no matter what. In case you aren't…


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