April 24, 2010

Rock Band or Ben and Jerry's Flavor?

Hola! Those of you who've been with the BQT for a long time might recall a game format we don't do much anymore: Stand-Up for Trivia. We get all the players on their feet and play an either-or game; say, "Vice President or Serial Killer?" Hands on your head for VP, hands on your hips for killer, everyone who's wrong sits down, we continue until one player remains, Dick Cheney counted for both (naturally). The kids love it. It's a nifty option for smaller private parties, but a little unwieldy for the massive public-show crowds.

In advance of this Tuesday's big All-Music Edition of the BQT in Philadelphia, I was reminded of "Contemporary Rock Band or Ben & Jerry's Flavor?" (Contemporary, you should know, means a few years ago at this point, though I've updated it a teeny bit.) Answers at the bottom. Rock on/enjoy the sugar!

1. Granola Funk Express
2. From Russia with Buzz
3. Cat Power
4. Hot Chip
5. Brightblack Morning Light
6. Smoosh
7. Tuskegee Chunk
8. Previously on Lost
9. Makin Whoopie Pie
10. Oh Pear
11. Apollo Run
12. Urban Jumble
13. Capecodder
14. The Bird and the Bee
15. Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie
17. Dastardly Mash
18. Monkey Wrench
19. Explosions in the Sky
20. Mastodon
21. Peppermint Cow
22. Holy Cannoli
23. Bovinity Divinity
24. Great Big Sea
25. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

ANSWERS: 1. Rock band. 2. Ben & Jerry's. 3. Band (actually, one woman, but you get the idea). 4. Band. 5. Band. 6. Band. 7. B&J's. 8. Band. 9. B&J's. 10. B&J's. 11. Band (managed by DJ GB's husband!). 12. B&J's. 13. B&J's. 14. Band. 15. B&J's. 16. B&J's. 17. B&J's. 18. B&J's. 19. Band. 20. Band. 21. B&J's. 22. B&J's. 23. B&J's. 24. Band. 25. Band.