April 26, 2010

Recap: Not just Jersey, but New Jersey

Just a quick recap here from tonight's Big Quiz Thing, our debut in that magical land across the Hudson River, Hoboken, NJ. (Did you know that it's the location of the world's first Blimpie? Incredible, right?) Black Bear Bar and Grill is a different venue from what we're used to in NYC: More a bar, but a nice, big one, and we had free rein over the top floor, with an obscene number of video screens surrounding the room. This is serious trivia, folks.

New Jersey, land of my birth, land where EDP lost his virginity. Thanks to the BQT regulars who made the trek to the Hobo: a splinter cell from reigning NYC champions Incontinental Congress/House of Lords, and a refugee from Jefferson Davis Starship. Plus, a mutated version of Natalie Portmanteaux (Jersey City residents) were there, under the guise of Hobo Ken and Bag Lady Barbie, claiming sweet victory. In fact, in the big Three-Way Finale, Incontinental Breakfast (as they were called) chimed in on "James Dean, the actor, is the only person mentioned by his full name in what very popular and long 1970 song?" with "The Day the Music Died." I knew what he meant, but incorrect, nonetheless, and Hobo Ken struck back with the correct answer and took the crown. "My life is complete," Adam of Hobo declared.

Should've used a flash, I know.

The top three:
1. Hobo Ken and Bag Lady Barbie
2. Touched by an Orphan
3. Incontinental Breakfast

Will we be back? Perhaps. Black Bear seemed happy, and the space was fun. Next time, though, we need to really pack the room, so if we do return, rest assured I will mercilessly harass you about it.

And hey, here's a funny picture I shot of something in the window of that first Blimpie: A handwritten sign reading "Try Our Great Salads" pointing to a sad-looking plant in the window…


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