October 28, 2008

Politics is never trivial

Welcome to the Big Quiz Thing blog: The Place for Politics.

Well, perhaps not. But last night's BQT was a place for politics, at least, as we presented a heaping spoonful of election-anticipating political trivia, to go with the usual anything-and-everything quiz fare.

For those of you who missed it, the video round, "Presidential Logo-A-Go-Go," tested players to name the presidential candidate by the logo, with the name cleverly Photoshopped out. Good job, many of you. To others…this is not Adlai Stevenson:
It's this guy (also the last major-party nominee before McCain who wasn't born in the United States, but that's another trivia question).

Otherwise, we whooped it up with "The Mystery Audio Round." Most of you figured out the mystery pretty fast, but here you go: Every song was by an artist with a President's last name in his/her/their name (e.g., people like James Taylor; bands like Bush). Yes, we left off Wilson Phillips, Bryan Adams, Lita Ford, Aaron Carter; all good options. Linkin Park—maybe. The Dead Kennedys or Mojo Nixon—that's what they intended in the first place.

Anyway, don't forget to vote. Then don't forget to come to the next BQT, November 10, when we'll be applying a bit of a Alfred Hitchcock theme, to celebrate our giveaway of tix to the Broadway production of The 39 Steps (it's a Broadway show based on a Hitchcock movie, don't you see). And yes—that's in addition to the regular $250 grand prize. Value!

This week's standings…

1. Strippers for the Retiring Stephen Hawking: They're not retiring; Stephen Hawking is. Anyway, they pulled out a narrow tiebraker victory, so they definitely ain't going nowhere.
2. Fantastic Fournicators: Returning champions. Sorry, but I'm pretty confident you'll be back.
3. Sugah Titz
4. Gerard Depardouche
5. Suck It, Trebeck!

We really need some new teams in the upper echelons. November 10, smart guys!

And vote. Preferably not for this guy.


Vitamin Steve said...

They pulled out a narrow tie-breaking victory following a blown call from EDP. I've seen better officiating in the NBA Playoffs!

of the Fantastic Fournicators

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have other teams in the mix-preferably teams that don't have 10 people on them (i.e. Strippers, Fornicators, Cowgirls).

BlueDuck said...

The Fournicators currently only have 9 members, thankyouverymuch.

And really, it's only 8 real members. I'm pretty useless. But I sure do look cute.

Matt said...

Hey, we at Incontinental Congress have done pretty well for ourselves with only 3-4 folks most weeks, and are firm advocates for the "points per team member" scoring system.

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