September 16, 2008

Farewell for now, kids

Yes, the quiz is taking a little forced hiatus, at least from Crash Mansion. Last night was the last show for FOUR weeks (we're back October 13). Crazy schedules, Jewish holidays and all that. But the BQT is not laying fallow; despite a national economic outlook that would make Larry King cry, we're doing okay with the private business. And there's always room for more, especially for you.

Anyway, last night was a(nother) great quiz. Technical snafus, images of candy, tasteless jokes about Trig Palin, '80s rap movies: We had it all. The Fantastic Fournicators were unseated. Strippers for Stephen Hawking regained their former prominence. But it was Sugah Titz that took the victory, one of few in their long history of BQT competition; big ups to Chrissy, Club Getaway trivia champion, for the come-from-behind tie-breaking round victory (on "What kind of hat, similar to a fedora, is named for its resemblance to a British meat dish?" and "Due to her distinctive hairdo, what Hollywood star of the 1940s was sometimes known as 'the Peek-a-Boo Girl'?"). And thanks, Chrissy, for satisfying the pervs in the crowd and shaking your breasts. We like being adults, we do.

Also, apologies for the vagueness of this question: "What’s the appropriate nickname for an alcoholic version of the Shirley Temple cocktail—usually a regular Shirley Temple with vodka added?" Yes, it could also be a "Dirty Shirley" (although in my defense, you knew that was wrong—EDP shouted it out); should have been phrased better. Besides, "Dirty Shirley" is lame—I wouldn't have asked the question if that were the answer. I mean, come on.

Finally, I'm glad you enjoyed that "celebrities known by their initials" four-parter. As mentioned, a full coterie of those questions will be in next week's issue of Time Out New York, in my very last trivia column for the magazine (the Games page is going online only). To mourn, read some of my past TONY quizzes. And hire me to write trivia for you.

Now, the standings…

1. Sugah Titz w/Mel Gibson (a mostly female squad this time, pulling off the narrowest of victories)
2. Strippers for Stephen Hawking (easily fending off the challenge of the insurgent team "Strippers for Sophie B. Hawkins")
3. Lipstick on a Trig Is Still a Retard (you're not helping)
4. Fantastic Fournicators
5. Jefferson Davis Starship

See you sooner than you think…