September 8, 2008

I really wanna be your superhero

Last night, HBO aired the season-five premiere of Entourage, and because I don't have enough to do every day, I've volunteered to do a weekly blog conversation with my coworker, Time Out New York TV critic Andrew Johnston. Our first dialogue session is here, and since it's getting buried by posts about Fashion Week, I thought I'd wield the BQT blog for a little synergy action.

I'm a very big Entourage fan, and if you know me, that may be surprising (well, I know me and I'm surprised). On the face of it, it's a rather hypermasculine show, a stereotypically male fantasy; the testosteronized Sex and the City, as I often say. I mean, just look at the photo.

But there's much more to it than that. In fact, when you look at… Oh, forget it. I need to save the analysis for future TONY blog posts. For now, a trivia question:

Q: Regarding its characters, what is a key similarity between Entourage and the show My So-Called Life?

(Answer correctly and receive a sincere "Job well done.")

Update: Our second Entourage discussion is here. Click, baby, click!


Vitamin Steve said...

The surname of the main characters (Vincent Chase on Entourage, Angela Chase on My So-Called Life).

-Steve! (of the Fantastic Fournicators)

BlueDuck said...

Steve, you are my hero.

-Jeremy! (also of the Fournicators)

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