September 18, 2008

What rocks and takes its clothes off in Washington, D.C.?

Tricky question, I know.

The answer is "You Bet Your Ass! The Rock 'n' Roll Variety Quiz Show." Hosted by me, Quizmaster Noah, and featuring a coterie of fine NYC burlesque or otherwise risqué performance ladies, at the lovely Palace of Wonders., in Pierre Charles L'Enfant's grand masterpiece. Music, dancing, pasties, sword swallowing, fire eating. And, naturally, trivia: I'll be throwing off some questions of a rockin' & rollin' nature, introing the acts, pissing my girlfriend off. And best of all, debuting the quiz in Washington, D.C.. You see, I'm really going to bring change to Washington.

If this works out, we'll be doing the show wherever will have us, almost certainly a venue in NYC. But for now, tell your lobbyist friends…

You Bet Your Ass! The Rock 'n' Roll Variety Quiz Show
("Where Q Gets You A")
Saturday, October 18
Palace of Wonders
1210 H Street NE, Washington, D.C.
10pm, $10


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