July 6, 2008

Be my QT

Regulars know all about the B-Cuties. Or at least sort of: We periodically have a couple of attractive young women, clad in BQT T-shirts, helping us out onstage, passing out pads, scoring (answer sheets, that is). I make the occasional poor-taste joke about a casting couch, etc.

Where do these people come from: B-Cutie Nicki was our intern. She's an NYU student who helped us out with a lot of strategizing/promo stuff, before leaving for L.A. for the summer to intern for Jimmy Kimmel and hang with her boyfriend. (Yeah, fancy that, I can't compete with ABC or 21-year-old romance.) The other ladies were her friends, who have traveled to the four winds now that schoooool's out…for…summer!

Anyway, for the time being, we are B-Cutie-less. So how about you? Anyone itching to help Quizmaster Noah, EDP and DJ GB onstage? Here's what you get…

-- A free BQT T-shirt. Come on, it's free!
-- You get to be on stage! You're a star!
-- I'll buy you a drink or two.
-- How about free admission to the show the next time you come to play the game?
-- My eternal thanks.
-- Think of some other favor I can do for you and I'll consider it.

Give it to me: noah@bigquizthing.com…


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