July 16, 2008

And a happy one indeed…

Thank you, everyone, for the kind wishes at Monday night's Quizmaster's Birthday Semispectacular Edition of the BQT. But first, the Bob Dylan thing…

The question was "Name the last original album in Bob Dylan's discography alphabetically." The answer I was going for is The Times They Are A-Changin', which is wrong; apparently, two thirds of all the albums Dylan has ever released begin with one of the letters U–Z. A rare mistake by your flawless quizmaster. At first I thought my error was trusting an untrustworthy source, but upon reviewing said source, I realized the really problem was me just being lazy and writing the question in about 30 seconds.

However, I'm curious how my first choice for that question would've played out: I wanted to ask, "Name the last original album in David Bowie's discography alphabetically." That would have been interesting… (take a guess; the answer, and why it would be interesting, at the end of the post).

Otherwise, it was an outstanding show, as always, because of you. It was great to see a lot of old regulars return (Adam Smith's Invisible Handjob; Team! The Musical; the former Robin Hood and His Merry Meningitis, n.k.a. You're Bastille the One). "In Praise of The Price Is Right," in spite of being quite the challenge, was oodles of fun, and I am heartened that few of you know how to spell the names of So You Think You Can Dance contestants. Good for you.

The standings for the week. We got first-time winners here…

1. The Price Is Wrong, Bitch!
2. William Hussein Macy's Splendatits
3. Birds of Ill Omen
You're Bastille the One (tie)
5. Even Cowgirls Get the Poos
Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie)

Now, David Bowie: The correct answer is Young Americans. Though I imagine a lot of people would've said Ziggy Stardust. HOWEVER…the official title of that album, one of my absolute favorites, is The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Still, it's identified in a lot of places (including the CD spine, and the source I link to above) as just Ziggy Stardust. So I figured, "Hey, I ask them about Bowie, and people bitch and moan and complain, and it's nothing but a headache. I'll do Dylan instead and save myself the grief."

Oh, it was a happy birthday indeed!