May 20, 2008

More fun, less time

So… last night, our friends at Crash Mansion had big, big plans post-9pm (you should've seen the VIP section that was set up by 9:15; maybe I'll do likewise for the next quiz), so the BQT presented a slightly condensed version, wrapping up around 9. Did you feel ripped off? Dissatisfied with your Big Quiz Thing experience? Keep it to yourself, please.

But I think we had fun. I finally brought back "Public Zoo" (a.k.a. name the random animal Photoshopped into the random photo of the random city, which you also must name), though I was disappointed that most people can't identify a coatimundi. They were crawling all over the place when I was in Costa Rica, and they're kind of creepy looking. Here:

I read a story on NY1 last year about police raiding a home in the Bronx, and the cops were seriously freaked when one of these ran out from behind a piece of furniture. Always check for coatimundis when renting in NYC.

Anyway, as I announced, we're taking a mini hiatus due to scheduling shenanigans (private events, venue conflicts), so we're back in FOUR WEEKS: Monday, June 16, then June 30, then July 14 (my birthday show, of course). In the meantime, I plan to upload some old video rounds to YouTube, so enjoy that.

The results last night: Fantastic Fournicators win again, with only six members. Are you next?

1. Fantastic Fournicators
2. Gerard Depardouche
3. Birds of Ill Omen
Sugah Titz (tie)
5. The Quiz Knows


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