May 22, 2008

A geeky recommendation

This is awesome: Jollyship the Whiz-Bang. These people have been kicking around the city for a few years now (I saw them in '04 at Bowery Poetry Club), but they just started an extended run at Ars Nova (site of a BQT once upon a time), and they've truly upped their game.

Basically… seven people. They're a rock band. They're puppeteers. They put on a play. It's about pirates. They do a million things at the same time, all of them well. The puppets are fascinating, the script is funny, the production level is impressive, and the songs are good (some of them great). This is what theater should be: creative, fun, and interesting to geeks like us who need a lot to hold our attention.

Details here. I hope for their success, even though the main guy in the show used to date my girlfriend. (You host a game show for a while and you build a lot of self-esteem.)