April 20, 2012

Annoucing…our Tenth Anniversary Marathon Quiz Spectacular!

What, you thought we were kidding?

You should know by now, we never, ever, never joke about quiz excitement: In honor of a full decade in the quiz business (um…wow), we're doing what is unarguably the biggest Big Quiz Thing in history, on Sunday, June 3, at 92YTribeca. The tagline is "Ten Years! Ten Hours! Ten Hundred Dollar Grand Prize!," and it's all true: We'll be presenting a full day of BQT delights, noon to 10pm. It'll culminate in prime time, as a live band joins the BQT for the first time, and we expand the usual Three-Way Finale to a grand Six-Way Finale, to determine which team goes home with the big $1K jackpot.

Multiply this by two. Then multiply it by awesome.

Press-ready details here, but let me use this space and time to A some FAQs…

What's the format?
Pretty familiar to you BQT regulars: We'll be doing somewhere north of 20 rounds of the Big Quiz Thing, in teams, with pads and everything. Multimedia puzzles, of course, along with our fun grab bag of gimmicks: Four-Part Questions, the Text Message Challenge (probably four or five times), Either/Or (haven't done that one at a public show in a while), and more.

I love Google Image Search

Do I have to be there the whole ten hours?
This is the most F A Q, and the answer is absolutely not. Stay for one hour or all ten, whatever makes it a lovely Sunday for you. Your ticket buys you completed unfettered access; come and go as you please. Moreover, you don't need to be there the whole time to win. As long as we receive an answer sheet with your team's name on it, we'll count those points for your team. So if you want to get really organized, give everyone a shift to make sure all ten hours are covered (we won't enforce a team limit). Divvying up the prizes among 72 people is your problem, however.


Does this place have food and/or comfortable chairs?

Yes, 92YTribeca is an excellent venue (location of our long-ago Summer Fun Spectacular and my stint as Movieoke host). Perhaps its best feature: an A-double-plus meat-free café, which will be offering scrumptious specials all day.

What else you got for me?
Plenty. The world's greatest quiz show, of course, with our biggest prize haul ever (the grand prize of a grand is only a good start), plus original short films, DJs, live comedians, maybe a magician, etc. (Want to be a sponsor? E-mail allison@secondbolt.com and let's discuss.)

Watch the smirk gradually melt from my face…

Are you, Quizmaster Noah, really going to be up there the whole time?

Pretty much, yeah (part of the idea with the guest performers is to give me a chance to visit the boys' room). But I plan to persevere through the whole event as your, and the world's, quizmaster. I will be accepting sandwiches. Come for the quiz, stay for the freak show.

Any other questions? E-mail info@bigquizthing.com. Sold? Buy tickets now, and brace yourselves…

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