May 5, 2011

NYC film history: In color

This is some serious amounts of amazing: The multitalented Bernie Hou—a BQT regular as a member of current NYC champions Cash Cab for Cutie and a Google-Proof Question devotee as @bernieh—also runs a ridiculously popular blog called Alien Loves Predator (aww…), featuring some exceedingly clever art. And today, this…
Icons/images from popular films, placed in the appropriate spots throughout Manhattan. Ninety-one movies total, and Bernie's sending a free poster to whoever can e-mail him the names of all 91 first…though knowing ye olde Internet, I'm sure some übernerd has accomplished this feet hours ago. I'm not even going to try, though I am happy to see my favorite NYC film represented. Enjoy, and consider just flat-out buying one (support the arts, you real New Yorker, you…).