May 14, 2011

He really IS a genius!

A quick note to direct your attention to yesterday's Wall Street Journal, with an article about a youth chess team coached by a figure familiar to avid BQT-goers: the ever-gregarious Jonathan Corbblah.
I've said it before, but Jonathan is perhaps the smartest person I know. The guy teaches chess, plays poker professionally, won Jeopardy! and—oh, yeah—is 25% of New York City's undisputed trivia champions. He's also an especially dedicated Big Quiz Thing fan, which you know I love. He missed the last NYC BQT, but should be back on May 23, so make sure you're there if you have something to prove.

As for me, my chess activities will most likely be featured in no major newspapers, right-leaning or otherwise. I recently played my first chess game in at least ten years, winning a hard-fought victory against a ten-year-old. I also monumentally suck at poker, my father's most beloved game, so I should really work on it if I want any kind of inheritance at all. However, I bet I'd kick Jonathan's ass at a karaoke-off, so that's what gets me out of bed every morning. Hurrah!

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