December 6, 2010

The schedule: Finally, a hit of trivia goodness

Friends and fans–

I know how trying this past month and a half has been. You've suffered the severe symptoms of trivia withdrawal. Sad but true, there has been no public Big Quiz Thing in more than a month (in NYC; Boston was wicked awesome, as always), and your addiction has tortured you. The reasons for this are varied, annoying, and annoyingly various, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel (though the inside might be as black as the night, at the end of the tunnel there's a liiiiiight!). Rest easy, the beast will be fed.

First of all, there's a show one week from tonight, December 13, at our old haunt of Crash Mansion. Oh, we got the usual delights, with a new video round, "Great Nicknames in Sports"; an "All Awesome Alliterative Audio Answers" audio round (say that five times fast; better yet, don't); and a few more surprises, including some great show tickets as prizes (details in this space forthcoming).

But a warning: I can't say for sure, but this might be a rather crowded event. Check it: BQT stalwart Jonathan Corbblah (one fourth of citywide trivia champions Fuckface Murray Abraham and the guy at right above) will be appearing on Jeopardy! that night, and we're hoping to do a preshow viewing party at 7pm, with many of JC's many friends in tow. Moreover, for whatever nutty reason, an unusual number of people whom I perpetually hype the event to say they're finally going to show up at this event. So get there early and watch your step, friends.

Beyond that, I'm booking shows left and right. You can always keep up on the calendar, but lemme break it down:

— In 2011, in NYC, we're going to be back on the biweekly-Monday schedule…more or less. We have January 3, January 17 and January 31 all booked, along with February 21. 1/3 and 1/31 will be at a new spot, Drom in the East Village; 1/17 is back at (Le) Poisson Rouge, at the special time of 7pm; and 2/21 is at Crash. We'll settle down eventually, Ma, promise.
— Tuesday, December 28, we're returning to World Cafe Live, our cool and classy venue in Philadelphia, for the BQT's first ever Movie Trivia Spectacular. Eight years and we've never done an all-movie quiz, but that all finally changes. Tell your Philly friends; the food at this place is excellent.

—One of the highlights for 2010 was establishing a BQT beachhead in the Boston metropolitan area, with a handful of shows at Oberon, a really, really, fucking really beautiful venue in Harvard Square. We're planning to hit it more often in '11, having already booked two events: January 10 and February 7 (both Mondays). These shows have developed into a rivalry between two extra-nerdy teams, so expect the blood to really fly in the New Year.

And as always, you can follow me on Twitter, to hear my trenchant trivial insights, and (try to) answer the Google-Proof Question of the Day (and win free admission). See you next week, fun people.

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