September 30, 2010

Various and sundry

Now that the NYC Clash of the Trivia Champions is behind us (viva, Fuckface Murray Abraham!), I'm playing catchup. This blog is no exception—I'll be scaling back the Sponsor Spotlights for now, and I do plan to revisit (and finish!) my reviews of all 34 of my favorite songs. Someday, someway. (Awesome song in its own right but no, not worthy of my greatest-hits roster.)

But for now, a few general notes:

—The next quiz is at a new venue, and on a new day: Tuesday, October 12, at the Midtown Theater (within the Ha! Comedy Club), mere steps from Times Square, on 46th Street—and yes, they serve appetizers. This is a really sharp venue that, most nights of the week, hosts Power Balladz, a fun jukebox musical. The show is dark on Tuesdays, and thanks to BQT regular Mark Weiser, we've been offered the space. As I've mentioned at the past few quizzes, we're going to experiment with bouncing around venues and days of the week, so let me know if you any suggestions. The issue here, though, is we don't have any dates booked beyond that (in NYC—we're back in Boston November 8), so stay tuned to the calendar.

—This Monday, I'm live on stage as part of the October edition of "Bindlestiff Open Variety," a crazy-awesome show presented by the Bindlestiff Family Circus, New York's premier not-really-family circus troupe. (Longtimers might recall Keith Bindlestiff as the expert juggler who manhandled various vegetables as part of a very strange BQT special round at the Slipper Room.) I don't know whom I'll be on stage with, but this should give you an idea of what you have in store, and I think I'll be treating a few lucky volunteers (and the audience) to the Pop Music Thesaurus. It's at one of my favorite NYC venues, Galapagos Art Space, in Dumbo. Beware the darkened pools of artsy water.

—It's October already; you've just about wasted another perfectly good year being a fan of the Big Quiz Thing. But end-of-the-year is the BQT's favorite season, since it's holiday-party time, and we're currently accepting your bookings. (Yes, you. No, not you.) E-mail And like last year, if you refer us to your office's powers-that-be and we get the booking, I'll give you free admission to the BQT throughout 2011. 'Cause I'm good like that.


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