August 29, 2010

Trivia casino, Saturday night

Sorry, I've been slow with the blogging and all. More to come very soon, including—yes—the Not-So-Secret Secret Clue tomorrow.

But a quick note, since I just booked this: This Saturday night, September 4, I'll be appearing solo at a Sunset Park warehouse party organized by mega-excellent underground promoters Winkel & Balktick. It's called Stranded, and it apparently has a Chinese Imperial theme, but that will be almost completely irrelevant to what I'll be doing: I'm part of a group setting up a full Monopoly-money casino, and I'll be specifically manning a trivia table. Yes, you read that right: a trivia table at a casino. The wave of the future, my friends.

Details here. Tix are $15 ($20 at the door), but these parties are unquestionably worth it, with cheap/free food and drink, and completely unique NYC experience.