August 31, 2010

Recap: Smart, and smart-ass

Hello, friends. August is almost gone, dontcha know, but this 8 billion degree weather wouldn't make you think so. Thank you for spending one of the final evening's of summer with the Big Quiz Thing, last night at (Le) Poisson Rouge. It's important to savor the good times.

Now then: You all once again proved your intelligence, with a whopping four teams posting a perfect score on both the video round (Pop Music Thesaurus) and the audio round (the Apatovian Canon). You also proved your humor, since while we didn't have an inordinate number of Smart-Ass points last night (Brett "Farv" being a loser and a crybaby was good, and IDing Sir Mix-a-Lot as "Sir Lancelot" was perhaps the best), we had a lot of clever banter among the audience and those of us on the stage. And that's certainly what I come to the Big Quiz Thing for. (And hey, guess what? Turns out I was right—manila paper is brown! Or, uh, "brownish.")

I mentioned last night that the Pop Music Thesaurus is probably my favorite of the BQT signature games, and last night enforced that belief, especially since you people seemed to enjoy it so much. (Especially "Should feminine difficulties plague you, I bear sympathy, male progeny. I am plagued by the maximum two-digit number of difficulties, yet the she-canine fails to be among them.") Not only are they fun to make, they're pretty easy, too, at least for me. I should start working on that book.

Finale time: Fat Kids, somewhat improbably, did it again, three wins in a row, this time triumphing over Jefferson Davis Starship and, represented by Elsie the Token Female, Gerard Depardouche. Fat Kid Dave won on "Tom Bosley -- best known for playing Mr. C on Happy Days -- won a Tony in 1960 for portraying what politician?" And that's what tri-peating looks like:
The standings:

1. Fat Kids Draw Apple Pie Charts: Third straight win, first time that's happened since we instituted the Three-Way Finale. Perhaps it was the voodoo fetish doll they brought with them.
2. Gerard Depardouche
3. Jefferson Davis Starship
4. Incontinental Congress/Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie)
6. Fantastic Fournicators
7. Oh Noah You Didn't
8. Rosemary's Baby Got Back
9. Sugah Titz
10. Squirrels on Film

Next: Back at Crash Mansion September 13. Then…

The New York City Clash of the Trivia Champions is coming!
The New York City Clash of the Trivia Champions is coming! Register today, and please, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell people you're indifferent to.


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