July 18, 2010

Friday: Coney Island!

I have to confess, I have committed a heinous crime to my most cherished principles: I have yet to visit my homeland, Coney Island, this summer. Back in the good old days, I cruised the train out to the Coney five or six times a summer, where I'd really fuck shit up. I'd get my fortune told, make out on the Wonder Wheel, stare at the ocean. Dude, I once ate the frog legs at Nathan's.

And, of course, I'd ride the Cyclone roller coaster, my darling Cyclone. I've written in this space about my love for roller coasters, but the legendary Cyclone is special. I long ago made a promise to myself to never visit Coney Island without riding it at least once, and I have never broken that vow.

Yet here we are, mid-July, and I've yet to visit in 2010. An especially egregious crime considering that this year, Luna Park has been revived, and is supposedly well equipped for a new age of glory. But I'm headed out there this Friday, July 23, to assist in that glory, as I'll be hosting the Coney Island Cyclone T-Shirt Design Contest and Fashion Show! Visit the Cyclone's official site right now to vote for one of 11 potential designs for the coaster's new official T-shirt. On Friday, some of the designers, joined by a complement of Brooklyn's finest burlesque talent, will be displaying the goods, and the winner will be revealed. I'll be your MC, punctuating the proceedings with Coney Island–appropriate trivia and prizes (count on free rides, which is nothing to vomit at, mind you). It all takes place practically under the Cyclone, 834 Surf Avenue at 10th Street (right across from the W 8th St–NY Aquarium subway stop), 6–8pm. Stick around afterward to try some rides with me (this article got me excited) and watch the Friday night fireworks, and maybe—maybe—I'll have a Nathan's hot dog. I still like to party.

To get you excited…