July 15, 2010

Special offer: 39 Steps tickets CHEAP!

Worth repeating again: If you're a BQT regular, you've heard me shill for the The 39 Steps (the stage comedy-thriller adapted from the Hitchcock film, formerly on Broadway, now at one of the best venues Off), both because I thought it was really, really good, but also because its marketing team very generously keeps providing us with prize tix.

I'll have yet more at the next public Big Quiz Thing (a ways away, August 16), but in the meantime, they're extending to the BQT faithful a special offer: tickets as low as $39 (usually $69.50–$89.50), now through September. Plus, the theater has that newfangled air-conditioning all the kids are crazy about.

The breakdown: $39 for all seats on Wednesdays (3pm matinee or 8pm show), through 9/1; $55 for rear mezzanine seats at any show, through 9/5; or $65 for orchestra/front mezzanine at any show, also through 9/5. It so happens I'm listening to Pandora right now, and it just dialed up the Pixies' "Gouge Away," and that pretty much defines the general attitude of theater producers in NYC these days, so this is an excellent offer.

Click here to take your unfair advantage. Or, go to BroadwayOffers and enter
code TNLS510. Or, call 212-947-8844 and mention code TNLS510. Or, or or!…print out this offer and bring it to the New World Stages box office at 340 West 50th Street (between Eighth and Ninth). OR! if you're a big shot, click here for premium tix.

Performances happen at 8pm Monday and Wednesday–Saturday, with 3pm matinees on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Go to 
39stepsny.com for more pertinent info, and more professionally polished praise than I can offer here.

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