June 17, 2010

The Summer Fun Spectacular is sunscreened up and on its way!

As mentioned at last Monday's show…the BQT schedule (easily viewable here) is getting a little wacky in the coming months. The fact is, we're busier with private parties, out-of-town events, and babies (for GB and EDP, none for me, I believe). So there will be only one Big Quiz Thing event in July, not counting private ones, not counting ones in other cities, and not counting the monologue I say to myself every morning in the bathroom mirror. Just one BQT, but it's a big'un…

Yes, our first ever Summer Fun Spectacular. What does that mean? All the Big Quiz Thing goodness you know and love, with a summery twist. Questions on beaches, BBQ, losing your virginity, and other July/August delights; EDP may even be grilling invisible meat, and we're trying to get DJ GB to wear a bikini. Plus, the video round will feature the world's first ever Trivia Color War! (Eh, sort of. I've adapted all the familiar Color War activities—Capture the Flag, archery, team cheer—into trivia questions. Lace up your Keds 'cause you'll love it.)

It's all happening at a new venue for us, 92YTribeca, in the gorgeous performance space there (I've done many a movie intro in the screening room, but I've been itching—from mosquito bites, it turns out—to get into the big room). The venue is putting up fabulous prizes, and they have a real excellent café—try to gourmet lemonade, it'll be ever so appropriate.

The nuts-and-bolts can be found here; I'm still working out some little details, but I will certainly plan to see you there. Miss it, and I'll ignore you back at school in September.