June 3, 2010

This weekend: Trivial obsessions

A brief note to remind you all (or, for those who weren't at last Monday's show, to initially inform you) that I'll be back at 92YTribeca this Saturday night, introducing the 10:30pm screening of Misery, the absolute best Stephen King adaptation ever (yeah, pretty much, though a quick IMDb check surprised me how many I do like). It's part of the movie house's very clever series, "Obsessed in the '90s," featuring all your favorite OJ Decade stories of stalking and insanity: In addition to Misery (this Friday and Saturday), you get To Die For (next Friday), Basic Instinct (Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th), and Single White Female (July 9 and 10), all screening at 10:30pm. Wow, just noticed there all about nutso women. Huh.

Preshow Saturday, I'll be testing a few lucky audience members on their knowledge of these movies and similar from that magical decade of Candlebox and Foxy Brown, even tossing in a few comedic selections (being "obsessed" can mean a lot more than wanting to kill someone with a sledgehammer/icepick/stiletto heel/etc.). And yes, even some in which the obsessed person is a fucking man! Should be some neat prizes at stake, and hey, you can check out 92YTribeca in advance of our big Summer Fun Spectacular there in July, details of which are coming soon. See you there, Mr. Man!

(BTW, yes, I know the site needs to be updated; Web guy on vacation for another blessed weekend, lucky bastard.)