June 14, 2010

Recap: Somehow, it all comes together

Clearly, I was born under a lucky star, because against all odds (take a look at me now), everything came together at tonight's Big Quiz Thing at Crash Mansion. DJ GB wasn't there, the crowd was stupid large (haven't done the count yet, but I estimate eleventy billion), there was some annoyingly loud hip-hop concert blasting from upstairs, and the video system didn't work until the end of Round 1. We party Bowery style.

First of all, since most of Round 1 went unseen if not unheard, I need to show off my handiwork here. The graphic for returning champs Gerard Depardouche is above; really proud of that. Also worth displaying here: the intro graphic for the four-part question about TV sequels:
Thankfully, the system came together in time for Round 2, the video round, "The World's Ugliest Musicians," which, yes, was pretty easy, give or take a few people who just know him as "the ugly dude from the Pogues":
Shane MacGowan is his name, of course. And then Round 4, the audio round, was "Get High and Watch These Movies," featuring all your favorite stoner flicks. Nights like tonight are what I keep mind when I get that occasional e-mail asking if the Big Quiz Thing is appropriate for kids. (Even the private ones are tricky.)

And yes, there was some controversy surround the Lightning Round. First of all, none of you have heard of Rap Snacks (I'm sure the folks upstairs at Crash Mansion know all about it), and then there was the issue of a couple of teams not handing their answers sheets in before the buzzer. Yeah, okay, it was crowded, but my man Adam (charitably agreeing to forgo playing the game to help EDP and me in our time of crowded need) was definitely at the back of the room, collecting sheets. Live by the trivial sword and all that. If it's any consolation, Strippers for Stephen Hawking, had I counted your points, you would have tied for seventh place (even if you'd gotten a perfect score, you wouldn't have made it into the Finale). So you know, no harm, no foul, if that's what that saying means.

Speaking of which, another awesome Three-Way Finale, pitting Jefferson Davis Starship against Cash Cab for Cutie against the Fantastic Fournicators. JDSer Anthony knew last night's winners of the Best Play and Best Musical Tonys, but Fournicator Steve busted out two straight correct answers on "Although it was mentioned only a couple of times during its seven seasons on the air, what TV sitcom was about a family whose last name was Wilkerson?" and "In the 1920s, some fans spent $20 each for a vial of what sex symbol movie star’s bath water?" And thus, there they are, your winners:
Man, I look creepy there. The standings:

1. The Fantastic Fournicators: Really excited to make a returning-champs graphic for them. You can imagine.
2. Jefferson Davis Starship
3. Cash Cab for Cutie
4. Gerard Depardouche/Team! The Musical (tie)
6. Sugah Titz
7. Come on BP, Light My Fire
8. The Glassholes Redux
9. Incontinental Divide/Oh Noah You Didn't (tie)

And don't forget: We're back at (Le) Poisson Rouge next time, Monday, June 28. Then: The only public Big Quiz Thing of July (though we are in Boston) is the first ever BQT Summer Fun Spectacular, a special Wednesday night show, 7:30pm, at the lovely 92YTribeca. More details to come on the blog, which is where you are right now.


Vitamin Steve said...

You look creepy? I look like I'm grimacing in pain.

BlueDuck said...

Don't forget the other controversy... that one woman who was very upset that you considered Lil' Kim to be unattractive.

Rachel said...

So that's how you spell Sugah Titz. Love it!

sometimesdee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sometimesdee said...

Thank you for showing me your fabulous Depardouche artwork! It was my first time at the Big Quiz Thing.

The chick who actually named a former Japanese prime minister

The Big Quiz Thing said...

I'm not sure the Lil Kim fan woman was really upset. This is a gal who used to follow Mission of Burma on tour.

And welcome, sometimesdeee. Hope you come back to help compensate further foreign-PM deficiencies.

Kristin said...

Thanks Rachel! Us girls like our team name as well!

We came up with our name about 3 1/2 years ago...wasn't sure whose idea was to "ghetto-ize" it though.


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