May 8, 2010

Shill for us!

Inspired by a BQT newcomer who took the time to (very nicely) review the quiz on Crash Mansion's page on Yelp (thanks, Samantha L.!), I've finally registered an official Big Quiz Thing entry on the ubiquitous review site. But we need to fill it with copious amounts of praise, to spread the gospel.

So here's my offer to you: Post a review of the Big Quiz Thing, and the best five will get free admission to the next BQT they attend. Ridiculously simple, and by best, I mean the ones that make me happiest. (So yeah, better be nice to me.) Now, if you want to say horribly mean things about the BQT, go right ahead. But no free pass for you (then again, why would you want one?).

Click here to share your expert opinion with the masses. It's 2010—what kind of person are you if you don't tell the Internet what's on your mind?


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