May 3, 2010

Recap: We were happy to serve you

As reported at tonight's all-kinds-of-rocking Big Quiz Thing, this past week saw the demise of Leslie Buck, creator of the standard-issue Greek-style coffee cup. And to test your powers of recall, I asked you to tell me the exact wording on said cup. Here it is.

Most of you didn't get it. Sad. But then again, who's paying attention to anything during the time of day when you drink from these things?

Other highlights tonight…

—"The Magazine Flashback Mind-Teaser": I agree, the indie-rock bands on the cover of New York magazine's "Brooklyn's Sonic Boom" issue are not easy to identify (Grizzly Bear, the Dirty Projectors and MGMT, FYI; seriously, not They Might Be Giants). And I agree, it's easy and fun to call them annoying, painfully white hipster douchebags. Meanwhile, "Not to Scale" would be an ideal footnote to Saul Steinberg's famous "View of the World" New Yorker cover.

—In the audio round, "'Wild' and 'Crazy' Songs," I was shocked that at least two teams thought "Crazy for You" was by Cyndi Lauper, and several couldn't identify Prince's "Let's Go Crazy." This only proves that I am fucking old.

—EDP does a great Ross Perot impersonation. If he'd been running in 1992, he would've won more than Perot's zero states.

Nell Carter was a black Jewish lesbian (or at least bisexual) Republican. Kevin Kelly is Archie's new gay friend. Roy was the one mauled by the tiger, not Siegfried.

— There was a team called "Let Us Win—We're on Our Honeymoon." I don't think they were kidding. I can't decide if I'm filled with joy or feeling a little sorry for them (they didn't win, but I gave them a nice, juicy Smart-Ass Point).

And the big story, at least when all was said and done, was that Incontinental Congress (this week known as Incontinental Airlines)—usually the geeksmaid, rarely the geek—managed to successfully defend their crown. Matt of IA knew "Which Alfred Hitchcock film partially takes place in South Dakota?" and "For several years in the 1860s, what European country established an empire in Mexico?" (No one knew which two subway lines will be gone in late June, or what New York punk band took its name from its lead singer’s initials.) These are your rulers:

NEXT: We're back at Crash Mansion in two weeks, with the long-awaited return of "Cryptic NYC Geography" and an audio round titled "Do I Repeat Myself?" (Do I?) Then two weeks after that, May 31, we return to (Le) Poisson Rouge for some Memorial Day fun. (No BBQ, sorry.) And hey, June 10: Washington, D.C.! It never ends, folks.

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