January 5, 2010

Recap: Viva '10!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ridiculously large turnout at last night's Big Quiz Thing: 33 teams. The newly redesigned answer pads save paper, so Al Gore owes me one. I credit some of the impressive crowd to the Gray Lady, who gave us a little cyberlove yesterday.

First, venue notes: We were back at (Le) Poisson Rouge last night, of course. Many of you might remember the big 200th Episode show last August, a roaring success; scheduling difficulties delayed our return, but after a second big show there, we're looking to come back more often
(Cash Cab for Cutie has given their blanket vote for returning, for one). News will be here ASAP.

Yes, the Fantastic Fournicators won, their premiere victory in the era of our big Three-Way Finale: FF up against the long-suffering Jefferson Davis Starship and the Fat Kids, and lordy, was it a nail-biter. The final question—"54th Street between Eighth Avenue and Broadway is honorarily named after what ventriloquist who frequently appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show?"—was won on a steal: Not Edgar Bergen, but this guy.

Otherwise, I was wildly impressed with how many teams aced "Rebus in Peace", and yes, "According to the old Chiquita Banana commercial jingle, where should you never put bananas?" prompts some extremely obvious Smart-Ass Point answers ("up the wazoo" was my favorite). Finally, why is "Sarah Jessica Parker" a funnier answer than "Alanis Morissette" when I ask you who won last year's Kentucky Derby? I will never understand you people.

Slightly personal note: I asked, "There’s a sign in the typical MTA subway car that says 'Please,' above three pictures, each in a circle with a line through it. What are the pictures of?" No one got all three correct: cigarette, person littering, boom box. But in the face of so many "wrong" answers (food and drink?), I began doubting that I had the correct answers on my magic clipboard. I questioned the clipboard, my rigorous fact-checking system, and my own memory. But a trip on the 2 train this morning brought me blessed confirmation.

Always trust yourself, friends.

The standings…

1. Fantastic Fourincators — well earned this time
2. Fat Kids Dream Big/Jefferson Davis Starship (tie)
4. Sugah Titz/Cash Cab for Cutie (tie)

NEXT SHOW: MLK Day back at Crash Mansion. We're sticking with the theme, featuring "A Court of Kings" and the audio round: "Maximum Elvis" (he would've been 75 next week, no lie).

PLUS: We head up to the Boston area, January 28. Tell all your friends who copped out and left NYC to go to grad school.


BlueDuck said...

Alanis doesn't really look like a horse... SJP most definitely does. A very lovely, talented horse. Of course, of course.

PS- I'll vote for returning to LPR as well. The grilled cheese was exquisite.

Matt said...

LPR is a very nice venue, but if they could turn up the house lights just a smidge, it would be helpful--hard to see much of anything in the back.

And I believe we at Incontinental Congress got all three of them correct, or at least the concepts. (I think we phrased "cigarette" as "smoking.")

Vitamin Steve said...

As guy who knew that 54th Street and Broadway is named after Senor Wences, I take full credit for our first "well-earned" victory.

And, even though we ended up going with the right answer, I still like my smart-ass answer for the "Lazy Bones was the name for what original version of what common living room object invented in the 1950s"

"My wife."

Sherry Smith said...

I personally feel the SJP = horse has ceased being funny long ago, and I really didn't think that deserved "smart-ass" accreditation. Can we please retire that tired joke (along with the annoying term "cougar")?

...and next time I do the door at Poisson Rouge I need a high chair else the BQT is sending me for a massage. The low table hurts me!

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