September 1, 2009


It was all for you, folks…

Thanks for your glorious appreciation of our glorious appreciation, the "Precious Moments" video montage at last night's Big Quiz Thing 200th Episode Spectacular. It's nice to have fomented a cult. Thank you everyone—emphasis on every—for making this show and so many others such an amazing event. (Yes, some sincerity.) The show went off with nary a hitch, we packed 'em in (approx 250 in attendance, by my count), and fun was had all around. It was great to see so many old-timers in the crowd: Team! the Musical, Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Job, William H. Macy and the Sunshine Band, probably lots of other folks. You're doing a beautiful thing (there's that sarcasm).

In my opinion, last night the Bipolar Movie Challenge successfully defended its status as king of the BQT video rounds, and Slooow Songs will never cease to amuse me. Props to you all for laughing like giddy spider monkeys at the appropriate times.

And yes, I think the chances of a return engagement at (Le) Poisson Rouge are good. Let me know your thoughts on the venue. Other than the relative lack of seating situation, which I'm assured can be remedied, I (along with EDP and DJ GB) was very happy with the space: pretty and professional, everyone was cool to work with, good food and drink that's not stupidly expensive. Cool sculptures in the hallways, too.

Thanks also to everyone who supplied prizes: Your door girl, Sherry, has attested to me at least three times in the past 17 hours that the Cupcakes in Heels are absolutely the bomb; hope we can partner with them again. Thank you also to Heeb magazine and Rachel Kramer Bussel. E-mail if you have your own product/service to shill, and we'll team up to fight for synergistic justice.

And hey—I'm ordering more T-shirts. This time, you better buy some and not just attack each other to grab at ones that go flying through the air.

And the standings for the extra-big show. A nice mix of old and new regulars…

1. The Fantastic Fournicators: I suppose it was appropriate; they are the winningest team in Big Quiz Thing history.
2. Team! the Musical: Hopefully back to stay. You don't fuck with these guys.
3. Gerard Depardouche/William H. Macy and the Sunshine Band (tie)
5. Jefferson Davis Starship/Fat Kids Can Only Slow Dance (tie)

We're back at Crash Mansion in two weeks: September 14, 7:30pm again. But please watch this space: We'll be having an ongoing conversation about the future of the Big Quiz Thing, looking ahead to the big 300…


BlueDuck said...

Overall, the venue was fine.

The obvious complaints are 1) AC was on too high (it was freezing in there!), but that won't be an issue soon; 2) the smoke machine was kind of silly; and 3) it didn't need to be lit so darkly.

Also, I think there was a food/drink ordering minimum (not sure how strictly that was enforced) that could cause issues for us economically challenged trivia bums.

Loved the disco ball, though.

Looking forward to more big quiz action, of course, regardless of venue.

Matt said...

The seating issue was very real, but I trust that can be remedied. Two technical issues:

1. Volume control--the music playback, the video playback, and the microphone seemed to be on three different mix levels. Some were insanely loud, others almost inaudible. (That said, this got better during the course of the evening.)

2. The single screen made things tricky, particularly since it wasn't particularly hi-res. In particular, the rebus questions in round one required teams to be able to see details, and it was hard to see. (The smoke machine didn't help either.)

Rachel said...

I didn't love the service at that venue (though once my sloppy joes and edamame arrived, they were very good), but I also understand it was mobbed.

Noah, I think you did a fabulous job, I had a lot of fun and laughed quite a bit. But I am looking forward to a return to the Slipper Room. Also, EDP - in excellent form. Hilarious. Congratulations, everyone (yes, even the teams who beat the might Gerard Depardouche!). Anytime you want more smutty books to give away, you know where to find me.

Anonymous said...

The show was great. Luckily, I got there early and was able to get a seat.

I think the big screen at LPR was much better than the one at Crash Mansion. It's larger and from where I was sitting much clearer. The smoke machine was funny. If you have to use it, maybe just during the final round.

Disco Ball was great.

I agree, the music volume was all over the place.

With more shows there it'll only get better!

Matt said...

Thanks for a great celebration: despite the cold I did like the venue, and thought it went off pretty nicely.

And thank you for doing T-Shirt Timeout, and not Cupcake Timeout, because that would have been messy.

Gretchen said...

Sorry to all for the music levels. It was hard to control it from the mixer which was very sensitive to the slightest movement. It won't be so uneven next time.

John said...

It was a good quiz... I had a blast. The movie round was awesome :)

One thing I noticed was that there was a little factoid on the projector screen about a British pub in Leeds stealing the BQT logo.

Considering BQT clearly made their logo by using Rockstar's GTA-copyrighted font (adding a swoosh to the downstroke of the 'q') its not as if they stole something thats even original!

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