October 12, 2009

The longest tie breaker EVER!

Maybe, perhaps, who knows? It was eight questions total. We had Steve (short for Stephen, a.k.a. Ph), of returning champs Fantastic Fournicators, squaring off with Steven (a.k.a. V), of Gerard Depardouche. I still can't believe neither one of these guys was geeky enough to know what kind of animal fought a zombie in the 1979 horror movie Zombie. People really can surprise you. But 'Douche man V took it by knowing who, in 1948, was the lead researcher behind the groundbreaking work Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. We cover the gamut, my friends.

Otherwise, I'm going to keep it brief, since in 13 hours I leave for the most trivial land of Puerto Rico. The Movie Quote Thesaurus was a great mess of giggles, and the Wizard of Oz audio round fulfilled a childhood dream of mine; will Alice in Wonderland be next? Finally, in an effort to thwart the testosterony Fantastic Fournicators, I inserted (heh) a four-part question about feminine hygiene products (attention anyone reading this who did not attend the show: this is true). As I say, the gamut is covered at the BQT.

And the standings:

1. Gerard Depardouche: Nails were bitten!
2. The Fantastic Fournicators: Questions about tampons barely slowed them down.
3. Strippers for Stephen Hawking/Incontinental Congress (tie)
5. Birds of Ill Omen

October 26 we're back: We're going to be "Crawling with Real Live Insects!," which I'm pretty excited about (some entomology knowledge is helpful but hardly required). See you on the other side.


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