July 18, 2009

Your absurd video of the day

As reported in this space, last night I appeared at 92YTribeca, in advance of a screening of Dirty Dancing as part of the venue's "Swayze Days of Summer" event (morbid, but why not?). I presented a special round of all-Swayze trivia, with the winner receiving a Dirty Dancing talking pen. (I'm living the dream.) An example: What is the name of all of the following: A tourist speedboat in the New York Harbor, a member of the X-Men, and a recent TV show starring Patrick Swayze?

The film was also prefaced by a couple of Swayze-centric shorts, including this delightfully bizarre piece. God bless Patrick for agreeing to do this; somebody really loves his mother…

By the way, I love doing special events like this. You know how to find me: booking@bigquizthing.com.