June 25, 2009

You will have the time of your life

Quizmaster news: 92YTribeca, an excellent event that I've been looking to get involved with for some time now, is hosting "Swayze Days of of Summer" in July, a festival of films starring the ugliest sex symbol in Hollywood history, Patrick Swayze. And on Friday, July 17, for a little extra kick before the requisite screening of Dirty Dancing, I will make a guest appearance, presenting a brief Swayzoid trivia quiz for several lucky audience members (with fantabulous prizes). Come and try to play, or better yet, come and laugh at those who do play (and at me, of course).

I cannot tell a lie, Dirty Dancing is not among my most beloved films of all time, but it's a definite touchstone for my generation; 99.9 percent of the girls in my middle-school class discovered their gonads while watching this movie, so I should've grown to love it if I wanted to lose my virginity before age 31. But I give it serious credit for its genuine period feel and the dancing talent on display, and for a typical ace acting job by my homeslice, Jerry Orbach. We shall not speak of "Hungry Eyes."

Regardless, details: Friday, July 17, at 10:30pm, at 92YTribeca (Hudson between Canal and Desbrosses). A mere $10. Official info here.

If I got you feeling nostalgic, look for video clips here. Better yet, watch this much funnier Swayze moment: