April 4, 2009

The Super Mega Ultra Hard Question of the Week

Sorry I've been slow with the blogging this week; busy times. Missives coming soon about cartoons in The New Yorker and the next entry in my greatest-hits series. But, I do have another Super Mega Ultra Hard Question, fresh, hot and ready to go.

While we're at it, how about the answer to last week's (which elicited more answers than any previous SMUH question)?

The query: What adjective describes both a citizen of a Mediterranean civilization that thrived between 1200 and 900 B.C. and a citizen of the current-day most populous state capital in the USA?

The answer: Phoenician. Congratulations to the winner of the drawing from among the correct answers: Ashley Castle. It could be you, too, if you know this…

E-mail your answer to info@bigquizthing.com by Sunday, April 12. May luck be your lady.