April 1, 2009

Recap of the quiz/Soda pop, telephones, and/Baseball stadiums

Maybe I should write the whole recap in haiku… No, it's late, I'm tired (we did yet another quiz tonight), and that's annoying.

Monday was another successful night at Crash Mansion: big crowd, big prizes, big trivia. "Soda Pop Haiku" turned out great; memories of the early BQT days, when "Breakfast Cereal Haiku" convinced me that I might have a facility for this business. Thanks for laughing along at the appropriate moments (and for confirming that I was not hallucinating when I remembered OK Soda).

I took some flak for this question: "This spring, here in New York, it will be the first time ever that two BLANKs have opened in the same city on the same year." Writing "baseball stadiums" (or "stadia," for you prescriptivists) garnered only a half point; I don't know if that phrase makes the statement above a true one. The full point went to "Major League baseball stadiums." A-ha! I will not be argued with. We ended the game on a question about people dying ("What happened at both a March Madness game in Miami last week, and during a 1971 taping of Dick Cavett’s talk show?"). In between, we had April's Fools hoaxes, Wang Chung, Larry the Cable Guy, chicken tikka masala, and Laughing Cow cheese (not "processed cheese food"). That's the formula for a successful evening, in my book.

And the "We're Trying to Use the Phone!" audio round was fun, though yes, in hindsight we should've used "Chantilly Lace," or "911's a Joke," or "What's the 411?," or "I'm Going to Bomb Verizon for Being the Most Annoying Company on Earth." Maybe not all of those.

The standings!

1. Gerard Depardouche -- A long-awaited return to victory! But can they bi-peat?
2. Incontinental Congress -- Still has never won. That's Congress for you.
3. Fantastic Fournicators -- Who?
4. Sugah Titz/Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie)

Returning champs Cash Cab 4 Cutie only made it to eighth place. But now that Cutie member Jen has a Ph.D. in organizational theory (or something like that), they really don't need the prize money.

April 13, it's on again!


Matt said...

I was just disappointed that one-hit wonders Primitive Radio Gods' "Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand" did not make it into the audio round.

BlueDuck said...

Man, the Fournicators are on a suck streak!

Good thing they have their looks to fall back on...


Jen said...

Very close - technically, my Ph.D. is in "organizational behavior," or the study of how task-oriented groups, like trivia teams, organize for optimal performance (see: CC4C 2 weeks ago) or sub-optimal performance (see: CC4C this week).

I appreciate your validating academia as the lucrative career path it is. And I absolutely loved the shout-out on Monday. Thanks!

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