February 12, 2009

Abe Lincoln, 20 decades young!

Today would have been Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. I love it when people say that: "it would've been his" some impossible number birthday. Yeah, he was so close. Besides, let's face it, Lincoln was great, but the dude looked like death by the time he was 40. If anyone was making to to 200, it would not be him.

Apropos of this, some interesting presidential birthday factoids:

– Your homeslice and mine, George W. Bush, was born on July 6, 1946 (a Cancer, like me–no pun intended). This was the exact same day that Sylvester Stallone was born.

– Three Presidents have died on the nation's birthday, July 4: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson famously both kicked it on 7/4/1826 (famously, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence), and James Monroe followed them five years later to the day. But the only President born on July 4 was Calvin Coolidge: July 4, 1872.

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961. This makes him only four days older than the Edge of U2. And this guy is the fucking President!

–November 2 is the only birthday shared by two different Presidents: Warren G. Harding (lame) and James K. Polk (awe-soooome!)

John F. Kennedy will always be thought of as a "young" President: first Prez born in the 20th century, little kids running around the Oval Office. But he was 43 when he took office, making him the second youngest ever (the first is the best; Obama clocks in at fifth). Interestingly, while it's hard to remember him as anything other than a jowly old codger, Richard Nixon was also considered young during the 1960 election; only four years older than JFK, and a fellow WWII vet.

–I share my birthday with Gerald Ford. And Ford was President when I was born. I was born on the President's birthday. I am a presidential trivia buff. Coincidence?

I swear, more Whopper lust later.


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