October 3, 2008

You win some, Palin loses some

In some incredibly unsurprising news about your quizmaster, I made a point of getting together with friends last night to watch the vice-presidential debate. I admit to being slightly disappointed that Governor Palin didn't literally fall on her face, but I'm comforted by the fact (yes, fact! I am an optimist!) that the result will have a minimal effect, if any, on reviving Senator McCain's nearly dead (and brain dead) campaign.

Regardless, it was a fun gathering: We played Vice Presidential Debate Bingo, and I drew this card:Sorry if you can't see it so well, but I had bum luck. I didn't win, and the only single space that would've put me over the top was "Intellectuals" (but hey, I was surprised to be able to cross off "Candidate cries").

After the debate, I stumped guests with some of my standby political trivia questions. Some of these are hella tough:

Q: Before McCain, who was the last major-party presidential nominee who wasn't technically born in the United States?

Q: Name the only state that currently has a female governor and two female U.S. senators.

Q: What three states gave their electoral votes to George W. Bush both times (2000 and '04), yet currently have a Democratic governor and two Democratic U.S. Senators?

Q: What state has given its electoral votes to the winner of the presidential election the most times running—every election since 1960?

Q: What state has voted for the same party in presidential elections the most times running—every election since 1976?

Want more? We're going to political it up at the quiz on October 27…