July 1, 2008

"Recap" is kind of a silly word when you think about it

Hey! Thanks for coming to the BQT last night! I had fun, DJ GB had fun, and our guest sidekick, Eric Kirchberger, told me he had fun.

And the video round, "The Silliest Words in the World," was a crapload of fun; I'm so doing that again. Boomslang, plinth, blunderbuss, hobbledehoy—oh, the English language provides hours of fun. And mark my words, at the next BQT, there will be a team called "Wenis Flong."

The audio round, "Keep on Rockin' in the Land of Socialized Health Insurance," was in honor of Canada Day, which commenced only two and a half hours after the quiz ended. It was a little tricky—come on, you don't know Sloan!—but I was impressed with the semi-obscure dorky Canadian bands some of you did guess: Triumph, Honeymoon Suite, April Wine. As a former misfit Canadian teenager, I appreciate the nostalgia.

Our winners last night, William Hussein Macy's Splendatits, were apparently an ad hoc formation, but they scored a commanding six-point victory. They racked up 72 points (out of a total possible 78), so they really need to join a church or some kind of social organization or something.

The standings:
1. William Hussein Macy's Splendatits
2. Gerard Depardouche
3. Oh Noah You Didn't
4. Suck It, Trebek!
5. Verne's Jewels