June 11, 2008

Yes, yes, I said yes: The BQT is back


Sorry for the seemingly eternal delay, but the Big Quiz Thing does return this Monday, 7:30pm, at Crash Mansion. We plan to stick to the biweekly schedule through the summer at least: June 30, July 14 (Quizmaster's birthday!), July 28, August 11, August 25. Then I have to go back to West Point.

The video round, you ask… "NYC, Up Close and Personal." We show you photos of city landmarks in detail, you name the landmark. Here's one (no, we're not using this Monday):

Have fun with that. Better yet, come on Monday and have fun with ten others (and your friends).

As for the audio round, it's "Asia, Kansas, Journey, or Foreigner?," which is pretty self-explanatory, and yes, grossly unfair to anyone with no knowledge of '70s and '80s arena rock. I have no idea how to post an audio clip example here, but how 'bout just a nice photo of one of those bands, perhaps the ugliest one: