June 17, 2008

Die, Bubble, die!

Despite the "Bubble Bath Incident," it was a very successful post-hiatus Big Quiz Thing last night. And congratulations to perennial contenders Strippers for Stephen Hawking on their first win in seemingly forever. To paraphrase SFSH regular Aris, "That video round was awesome, because I knew all of it."

But it was indeed awesome: "NYC, Up Close and Personal." Click here to see it through the magic of YouTube (soon, if not right now). It's interesting to know that as ubiquitous an image as the Statue of Liberty is, not everyone can identify it when just shown the top of its torch.

As for the audio round, know this: "Only Time Will Tell" is not "The Final Countdown." Asia is not Europe.

Best Smart-Ass Point of the night: Q: For some time a couple of years ago, the state of California allowed solo drivers to use the carpool lane if they were what? A: The killer of Nicole Brown Simpson. (Sidekick EDP swears that the guy who came up with that played Steve on Sex and the City.)

Most annoying heckle: Everyone's bad impersonation of Bill Cosby. Stop, you can't do it. You're not this guy.

Finally, the Bubble Bath Incident: Very simply, I was planning to give away a bottle of Mr. Bubble, but it somehow exploded in my bag en route to the show, dousing many prizes and answer pads in soapy goodness. I knew that shit was evil. Three Big Quiz Thing T-shirts had to be pressed into towel duty (thank God none of you buy them).

The results:
1. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
2. Suck It, Trebek!
3. (tie) Birds of Ill Omen
Fantastic Fournicators
It Puts the Cookies in the Basket