June 9, 2008

Just in case…

…you're in Tennessee this weekend, or are the kind of music fanatic who travels around for these kinds of things at the expense of having a real job, look for the Big Quiz Thing at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Well, kind of. A friend of a friend is one of the events producers, and he got in touch with me to ask about live karaoke bands to bring to the event. (I'm somewhat of an expert on the subject.) We got to talking, I chatted up the quiz, and we thus entered discussions to bring me down to Tennessee and present some kicky music trivia and get mud splattered on my magic jacket.

Anyway, it didn't happen, but perhaps I got them on the hook for next year. (Not all that big of a deal, because there really aren't that many people on the lineup I'd be jazzed about seeing—my days of randomly going to any and all live music are way behind me.)

But…the BQT will have a presence there of a sort. The event program (yes, these things have programs) will include a mucho special trivia quiz about the various musicians appearing on the bill, written expressly by your Quizmaster, and adorned by the BQT logo and a little plug. (At least that's what I've been promised.) When I get my hands on a copy, I'll scan it in and let you enjoy for yourselves. Or better yet, I'll cannibalize the trivia for a future BQT event. So if you do hustle down to TN, consider it an investment toward winning $200 sometime in the future.

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